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Dr. Abu Mohammad Asgar-Khani is one the most prominent professors of international relations at Tehran University. His main field of interest is
international security and nuclear arms control diplomacy. He is the author of numerous articles and publications from among which we can refer to
"International Regimes” book.

I. Educational Background

1. Ph.D. International Relations, Queen’s University st Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6: 1995.  The dissertation studies The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal as an International Regime in Conflict Resolution in Theory and Practice: based on the UNCITRAL Rules

II. Job Background

1.Currently, Associate Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Law and Political Science, University of Tehran Since 1996 till now, and Director of the Center for Graduate International Studies, University of Tehran, legal advisor to IRISL, attorney at law. Licensed Legal Advisor in international arbitration. Previous Occupations:
2. Legal Adviser to Iranian Petrochemical Company (IPCC), the Ministry of Oil, since 2005
3. Taught at the Universities of Imam Sadegh, 1996-1998, Imam Hossein, 1997-1998, Islamic Azad University, 1996-now, the Leiden Campus of Webster University. 1985-86
4. Legal Advisor to Iranian Embassy at Ottawa,1989-1990 Canada.
5. Legal expert and Translator at BILS, the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal, the Hague, the Netherlands 1983-1987
6 Legal Adviser to Iranian Embassy at the Hague, 1987-1989
7. International Cases and Materials Translator for the Bureau of International Legal Services Tehran, 1980-1983
8. Legal Advisor to the Office of Law at Majles (Iranian Parliament) Research Center 1999-2003
9. Advisor to the Islamic Commission on Human Rights. 2003
10. Research Fellow at the Danish Institute for Human Rights (August-January                 2003)
11. Attorney at Law. Iranian Judicial System, Legal advisor in International Arbitration. (Currently)
12. Legal advisor to Social Security Investment Company.
 13. Legal Advisor and Counsel for Iranian Shipping Line Company (IRISL)

III. Works
1. International Regimes, (Tehran Institute: Tehran 2003)
2. "Compromise and Cooperation at the Iran-US Claims Tribunal” in Arbitration International, Issue 2, Vol 19,  June 2003, the London Journal of International Arbitration.
3. "International Human Rights Regime” in Islamic Views on Human Rights (New Delhi: 2003)
4. Tens of lectures at universities and research centers
5. Tens of newspaper articles.
 6. Tens of Book and Article Reviews
7. "The Rise and the Fall of Nuclear Diplomacy under Duress against Iran: Need for a constructive engagement” in International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy, & Ecology, Vol. 2, No.3
8. Lectured in most EU countries, USA, Canada, and certain Asian countries
 9. Iran Sanctions, Beijing Forum, November, 2010.

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