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Publish Date : 24 December 2015 - 09:39  ,  
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Such an action obviously means that the new Canadian government is influenced by Zionists, and that it takes a long period of time for the Canadian government to release itself from the burden of Zionism.
Hossein Yari

Recently, we have witnessed an anti-Iranian resolution concerning human rights adopted by Canada against the Islamic republic of Iran. Canada, which is considered as one of the main supporters of takfiri terrorist groups along with the United States of America and other European countries, accused Iran of violating the human rights; An act which demonstrates the malice of Ottawa and it`s western supporters and collaborators. We shall consider three points regarding this matter:

1- "Stephane Dion, Canadian minister of foreign affairs, while his country has been the sponsor of recent years` resolutions, claimed that Canada and the global society demand the Iranian government to take measures to improve the human rights situation in the country. Canada along with his allies and some other countries in the region has itself been a sponsor of similar anti-Iranian resolutions. The fact is that "human rights” is regarded as quite a strange and unfamiliar term in the lexicon and glossary of United Nations Security Council. While countries such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Turkey are busy repressing Muslims and supporting takfiri terrorist groups, such a country as Canada with its footprints in the west`s crimes at Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in recent decade left visible, sponsors a resolution against Iran!

The fact that countries violating human rights support this resolution demonstrates the bitter irony ruling the so-called global society today. In this string, human rights is the missing link, only appreciated and cited to when needed to assist west in achieving its goals.

2- The Canada-drafted unlawful political resolution against Iran was adopted with 78 votes in favor, 35 against and 69 abstentions November this year. The support for this resolution reduces because even the members approving this unlawful resolution are aware of its political and hostile nature. The Canadian government has failed to gain in favor vote of 104 United Nations members (the majority of members) in this issue. Regarding this situation, even the Canadian government has noticed the poor reception of independent international players of its hostile human rights allegations against our country.

3- The recent anti-human rights resolution has been sponsored by the new Canadian government, i.e. the liberal government of Justin Trudeau. Such an action obviously means that the new Canadian government is influenced by Zionists, and that it takes a long period of time for the Canadian government to release itself from the burden of Zionism. Although the new Canadian government (after the defeat of Harper in elections) announced that they have decided to reopen their embassy in Tehran, and they seemingly withdrew itself from the terrorist coalition against da`esh, but we shall see in practice how it can release itself from the Zionists` pressure.

The recent anti-Iranian resolution, demonstrating the necessity of intelligent monitoring of Ottawa games for our foreign policy authorities, made them cautious of making inaccurate decisions about this matter. It is evident that the Canadian government must receive a serious response from our foreign affairs authorities as well as our government members. It`s better to reiterate in an official statement to Canada and the public the results and consequences of Canadian government hostile acts on the region in recent years, so that the world become more aware of the empty and unfounded of Canada`s allegations. Canada along with its western and Arab allies because of their numerous crimes against the humanity, are basically disqualified to question our country`s human rights situation.

However, Canada`s recent act is now put to practice in a field called the United Nation Organization. Not only the international organizations haven`t took any real measures to improve the human rights situation in the world, but have themselves caused bloody human crises` such as the mass murder of innocent Muslim nations in the region and the world. United Nation`s silence regarding thousands of innocent men, women and children being murdered in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and etc, demonstrates the bitter truth of seemingly international organizations playing with the human rights matter; organizations with the dominance spirit still alive in them.           

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