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Publish Date : 11 June 2017 - 08:17  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat) : Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Deputy Commander for political affairs Brigadier General Rasul Sanayee Rad says the recent terror attacks in Tehran bear the hallmarks of a scenario engineered by the US and Saudi Arabia.

Brigadier General Rasul Sanayee Rad underlined that the terrorist attacks in Tehran on June 7, 2017, could be traced back to the United States and Saudi Arabia. Here is the full text of the analytical piece:
The attacks by two terrorist teams on the mausoleum of the late Imam Khomeini and the Parliament building [in two different locations] in the Iranian capital, Tehran, last Wednesday were thwarted by security forces who are out there to safeguard the Islamic establishment’s might. The terrorists probably planned to force their way into the Imam Khomeini’s shrine and onto the Parliament floor to take people and lawmakers hostage. Although the terrorist incidents received widespread media coverage, they lacked any operational value as the terrorists failed to achieve their objectives.
Dressed in women’s clothing, the armed terrorists approached the gates and caused panic by firing their guns and killing people. They wanted to get into the mausoleum and onto the Parliament floor, but faced resistance by sentries. Accordingly, the terrorists failed to take any hostages, which made them carry out a suicide attack at the mausoleum and, in the other location, flee into parliamentarians’ offices. The terrorists managed to resist for a few hours and kill a number of our fellow countrymen, but at last they were killed or had to commit suicide.
The ISIL terrorist-Zionist group claimed the attacks. It was obvious that the violent and savage raids were of a Takfiri nature and smacked of grudge and nescience. Moreover, the type of locations chosen and the psychological and media repercussions of the terrorist attacks were aimed at creating the impression that security is weak in Iran and that it is possible to trigger insecurity in the country. Such a scenario could have only come out of the think tanks affiliated with intelligence services and puppets controlled by the US and supported by the Al Saud and the like, behind the scenes.
These scenarists picked the Imam Khomeini mausoleum and the Parliament due to their sensitivity and wanted the incidents to become front-page news in media outlets. That is to say, the terrorist attacks were of an American nature. They happened after US President Donald Trump travelled to Riyadh, when a special operations think tank was formed by US security services, and bin Salman threatened to spread military operations into Iran. In fact, in the terror attacks in Tehran, the US used Saudi Arabia’s backing together with ISIS’s savage operatives while cashing in on modern Jahiliyyah and violent terrorism to achieve its objectives in the region and justify its looting of Arab nations’ coffers.
On the other hand, back-to-back defeats suffered by Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq made their sponsors worried about the future of terrorism. That has made terrorists work out schemes in order to keep them from falling apart and having to return to their countries, which are mainly America’s regional and European allies and in some cases the United States itself. Therefore, at a time when the feeling of humiliation and frustration caused by these defeats is pushing terrorists towards acts of revenge, they are picking on Iran which, in the eyes of terrorists and their advocates, is a major contributor to their consecutive defeats in Syria and Iraq.
June 7th was the day when terrorists attacked two locations in Tehran like wild bulls, but they couldn’t cause any panic in the society, and citizens felt as secure as ever, going about their normal lives. Even the MPs’ session was neither cancelled, nor disrupted. Pilgrims to the Imam Khomeini shrine also kept visiting the shrine as usual. All these indicate that people trust the Islamic establishment and guardians of national security.
Although the terrorist incidents left behind several martyrs, they shed more light on the fact that Iran is right to be cracking down on terrorists in Syria and Iraq in order to keep them from moving toward Iran and to safeguard Iran’s strategic significance in the region. The terror attacks also revealed the significance of Iranian security forces. Iranian police, security and law enforcement forces have, so far, busted dozens of terrorist teams affiliated with Takfiri-Zionist currents and, thanks to their intelligence and operational knowledge, apprehended or killed terrorists before they were able to carry out an act of terror.
Some of these very devoted forces confronted terrorists on Wednesday and kept them from entering the shrine and parliament building. They besieged the savage terrorists, killed or arrested them, and stopped them from taking any hostages or going on killing sprees, which forced the Takfiris to carry out a suicide attack.
The United States and Israel pursue obvious objectives: They seek to chip away at the Muslim world’s might and loot their riches amid fabricated threats. Now, isn’t it high time that Muslim scholars and intellectuals do something to tackle the Jahiliyyah which has emanated from the Takfiri ideology and to harness modern Jahiliyyah?

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