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Publish Date : 18 December 2017 - 07:55  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): The Israeli regime failed to encourage the public to boycott the concert of Iranian pop singer, Mohsen Yeganeh, in Los Angeles city for his anti-Zionism song 'Flock of Vultures'.

Israel Fails to Cancel Iranian Pop Singer's Concert in Los Angeles

The Israeli regime first arranged an online petition calling for the Microsoft Theater to cancel Yeganeh's event, but it garnered just under 5,000 signatures by Saturday morning LA time, falling short of its intended 50,000.
Then, the IsraelPersian twitter account, affiliated to the Israeli foreign ministry, demanded the public to boycott Yegeneh's concert at Microsoft Theater in LA, and then released a photo showing a half-empty concert hall hours before Yeganeh's performance started to prove that its call has met public response.
But the Iran-based pop singer dismissed the claims that the Iranian-Americans have boycotted his concert and released photos on his Instagram account of the fully crowded hall during his performance. Hundreds rushed to show support for Yehaneh by leaving messages on his Instagram page and through their own social media accounts. Later, concert goers also released photos in support of the pop singer's claim that his concert was a sold-out.
"One of those nights that I don't want to come to an end at all," he said in another message released on his instagram page later during his performance.
Yeganeh is one of the top ten most adored and loved pop singers among the Iranian youth and his concerts are always sold out in Iran.



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00 February 1 at 00:00
comment icon The flock of vultures is very interesting name for this song , and the song talks about vultures like America, Israel and Saudi Arabia regimes and their proxies such as Daesh and it is completely in line with reality. I believe the Zionist propaganda has always failed in against the culture of societies.
00 February 1 at 00:09
comment icon الموت لاسرائیل
00 February 1 at 01:01
comment icon zionist regime will be vanished from entire the world
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