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Publish Date : 05 April 2018 - 08:13  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Jewish peoples have right to “their own land,” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman said in a recent interview with an American television network.
It is no surprise, after all, that the young Saudi crown prince who presumably is the heir to his aged father the so-called King Salman, spares no effort to provide Americans with sycophantic services to guarantee his rise to the throne.

But the 32-year-old prince, despite his many domestic posts, tends to have minimal experience when dealing with the international issues. This scarcity of experience is well-demonstrated in his contradictory behaviors and actions.

True, Saudi women, under his authority, have been allowed to drive and appear in the public places like restaurants and stadiums, a gesture lauded by the so-called forerunners of democracy in the Western world that hopefully, but rather unbelievingly are fixing eyes on an oppressive ruling system that claims it is moving towards what they call real democracy.

But the paradox is that, bin Salman, the de facto Saudi ruler, is continuing the uneven war against the Yemeni people, killing dozens of them every day by the rockets and shells supplied by the same democratic big brothers, mainly the United States and Britain, while in a show of support for human rights, he is allowing women in the kingdom to drive a car or go to cinema.

The sycophant can barely understand that democracy, the way introduced and promoted by hegemonic powers, is just a tool to safeguard interests.

The prince of desert should come to realize that it does not make any difference for the big powers to see women buried alive in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, in the same way that Salman's ancestors used to do in old times, practicing female infanticide, or to see the same women drive a car or attend a party where champagne is served. Thousands of women die under dire conditions in the poor countries across the underdeveloped world. The story is the same for women and children in Yemen who are struggling with famine and epidemic diseases while under the Saudi siege and endless attacks.

What is gravely important to the hegemons is how much Saudi national wealth they can rake in.

Bin Salman, however, is doing everything to seize the throne and to this end, he needs Washington to trust him.

To win the US trust, he has no way but to bribe them with human rights gestures like ending ban on female drivers or more importantly through striking lucrative deals with American companies.

And while the young prince is struggling to portray himself as a democrat and human rights advocate, the innocent Yemeni women and children are paying the price for the inherent inhumane extremist contradictory tendencies filling the hearts of the desert-dweller Saudi leaders.

Adopting contradictory approaches tend to be a characteristic of bin Salman, Fouad Ibrahim Saudi analyst and critic told the Islamic Republic News Agency in a recent interview.

The Saudi Crown Prince is trying to establish himself as the real and current ruler of the kingdom by bribing Washington, Ibrahim said.

Bin Salman, by embarking on radical changes in Saudi Arabia and breaking taboos, is in fact paving the path for himself to occupy the throne, he added.

Now the Saudi big brother, in another sycophantic gesture, has appeared to be supportive of the Israelis and the right of the Jewish peoples to their 'homeland'.

In the political literature, what some refer to as the Jewish homeland is the same Occupied Territories which before the Zionist occupation was the homeland of the Palestinian people and owned by them. But the Zionist regime of Israel seized their homeland by using force.

It is the same homeland which has been witnessing Palestinians being killed and oppressed and imprisoned and embargoed just for trying to reclaim their ancestral lands.

And bin Salman is forgetful about all the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people. Yet, he is mindful of the trump card he has by playing which he can win hearts in the United States; recognizing Israel and what he describes as the Jewish peoples right to 'their own land'.

It might be so that the Saudi prince is playing his trump card, but the holder of a bachelor's degree from the King Saud University has still a long way to go before understanding that taking radical steps and crossing redlines, including acknowledgement of any sort of "right” to Israelis to 'their own land', could be detrimental.

Perceptive policy-making needs something more than just petro-dollars and extremist approaches.

Source: IRNA
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