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Publish Date : 27 March 2019 - 22:09  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Israeli regime has deployed infantry and armored brigades to the so-called buffer zone bordering the Gaza Strip.


Tensions remain high in Gaza despite ceasefire


The deployment comes despite a ceasefire following two days of Israeli regime's airstrikes on Gaza. 

According to Aljezeera, a Palestinian rocket struck Israel and the military responded with an air strike despite a ceasefire announced by Hamas, but the exchange of fire appeared to end overnight on Wednesday. 

There were no immediate reports of any damage or casualties from the latest rocket fire, which the Israeli regime's army said was launched at around 8pm (18:00 GMT).

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other groups said "the rocket that hit near Ashkelon was the work of an individual and the factions are committed to calm" - as long as Israeli regime is.

No group from Gaza has claimed responsibility, but Israeli regime blamed Hamas and under this excuse deployed tanks and reservists at the east of the Gaza Strip.

Many Palestinian believe that the Israeli regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pursuing tensions with Palestinians to score political gains and win support among right wing voters just ahead of election.


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