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Publish Date : 01 August 2019 - 06:47  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Now that thousands of Iranian pilgrims are on their spiritual journey to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina; it is a good time to see how Saudis and other Muslims treat Iranian citizens.

We have been in Saudi Arabia for 20 days now. I can feel the presence of other pilgrims in the soft breeze of their breath that has filled the air; the endless rows of pilgrims who are standing side by side and are praying in one direction has created a beautiful view. 

In addition to this indescribable spiritual feeling that has filled the place, one other thing that catch our eyes is the different treatment that the Iranians receive this year. This new treatment has particularly surprised the Iranians who have been on Haj Pilgrimage before. 

Up to now, the Saudi officers’ behavior toward Iranians has been very different from previous years. Most of people who have witnessed this different behavior over the last 20 days believe that this new attitude is a reaction to the power of Iran and the confidence that it has displayed in dealing with regional issues. 

Capturing the American drone, seizing the British ship in Persian Gulf, and other numerous achievements of Iran in the region have had a great influence on Saudis and they have come to better understand a new reality called “the powerful Iran.” 

Here, the subject of Iran’s power in the region come up in every conversation we have with Mecca residents or other Muslims. It seems that Iran’s resistance toward Americans has not only made Iranians proud, but it has also made other Muslims feel great joy and pride. 

Both Shi'ite and Sunni Yemeni Muslims treat us with great respect and call us brothers. Other Muslims from Indonesia, Palestine Bangladesh and other countries show the same intimate and kind behavior toward us. 

In one of the Congregational Prayers (jama'ah) we went to, a Palestinian Sunni man was standing next to me in the Maghrib prayer (sunset prayer); when I told him that I was Iranian, he put his hand on his heart and told me in Arabic, “your place is in our hearts.” 

Obviously, this level of respect and admiration is rooted in the power of the Islamic Republic and the firm stance it has taken toward its enemies; a position that we have to keep maintaining. Haj Pilgrimage is a good opportunity to assess the outcome of the confident and successful policies that we have taken both in national and international arenas.  


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