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Publish Date : 06 October 2019 - 16:56  ,  
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Tehran (Basirat): Recent regional and global developments are promising a new Middle East which is different from the one the great hegemonic powers once built. 
Arbaeen March and rise of new Middle East 

If we consider that the western powers shaped the Middle East in the 1921 conference in Cairo, it will become a 100-year old phenomenon in 2021. 
Eight years ago, in March 2011, a bloody civil war broke out in Syria, a war that was supposed to change the region’s political-geographical scene another time. The war was launched within the framework of a plan dubbed the Balkanization of the Middle East. The aim behind launching such a plan was to change the geography of the region via targeting the three powerful nations of Iran, Iraq, and Syria.
But, September 2013 was a turning point for failure of the mentioned plan when the great western powers could not implement a joint military operation against Syria similar to the operation they did against Libya in 2011.
Following the western powers’ failure, a monster dubbed Daesh or ISIL was created that started storming Iraq and managed to occupy Mosul (the third largest city in Iraq) on June 10, 2014, but, the western powers’ plot of creating Daesh was also foiled and Mosul was liberated in June 2017.
Heavy attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations on September 14, 2019 can be considered as the second turning point in creation of new Middle East. The incident gave upper hand to Yemeni combatants and testified a change in power balance in favor of Yemenis against Saudi-Emirati aggressors. 
The above-mentioned huge and history-making developments have turned a very vast region, including Iran, Iraq, and Syria with 2, 270,000 square kilometers of area of land and with a population of nearly 140 million, into a commonwealth region. 
Inside this large region, it takes 22-24 hours by bus or 2-3 hours on plane to travel from Tehran to Beirut, Lattakia or other Mediterranean Sea’s ports utilizing a visa similar to Schengen visa in Europe. Iran and Iranians can easily attain eye-catching political, cultural, economic and trade achievements by promoting their interactions among this large region.
It should be mentioned that some anti-Iran minor moves appearing in recent unrests and riots inside Iraq are the latest attempts of ill-wishers who seek sabotaging the great path along which the region has started stepping up. 
Large march of pilgrims of Arbaeen on October 19 is a blessed herald for proving rise of new Middle East in spite of destructive and warmongering moves.     

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