“Honour the bread, as the Lord has sent it down from the heavenly blessings, and brought it out of the earth’s blessings,” said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the prophet of Muslims.

Sangak is Iran’s – and maybe the world’s – healthiest, most delicious and easiest to digest type of bread.

The bread contains the bran, which is made of fibre and slows down, even stops, absorption of sugar and fat.

For this reason, patients with diabetes, high blood lipids, vascular diseases, gastrointestinal cancers and obesity are advised to replace the white bread with Sangak.

Sangak bread is very good for children too, especially in the period when their nerve cells are growing. Also, the iron found in this whole-grain Iranian bread makes children smarter.

What follows are Merh News Agency’s photos of Sangak bread in different scenes of Iranians’ lives:

Source: IFP