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Publish Date : 02 March 2020 - 00:29  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Current developments in Idlib province in northwestern Syria are obviously a series of violations of international law and the United Nations Security Council resolutions by the Turkish troops and officials as the world is witnessing a double-standard policy by Ankara toward the crisis in that part of the war-hit Syria.

Though Turkey has been claiming that it has been implementing the agreements approved by the trilateral committee between Turkey, Iran and Russia, evidences show that Turkey has only been using terrorist groups as a tool to materialize its own objectives in Idlib. 

Obviously, occupying the Syrian territories and ruling over the seized lands are among the most important objectives of the Ankara officials who have been continuously denying.

As soon as the Syrian resistance forces kicked off their large-scale operation to liberate Idlib province from the militants’ occupation, the Turkish officials showed their real face and openly targeted the Syrian Army positions. 

The Turkish assaults on the Syrian Army positions angered the Russians who finally decided to give a crushing response to the Turkish occupiers. The Russian raids killed a sum of 70 Turkish military personnel and injured tens more. The Turkish troops’ attacks and the Russians’ retaliatory response triggered a fresh round of tensions between the two involved sides. 

Now, the Turkish officials’ real objective, which is nothing but a shameful scandal, is laid bare as Ankara’s allies, including the U.S. and NATO, are assisting Turkey over the Idlib dispute. 

Actually, Ankara needs to revise its policies as it should have fully realized that Damascus and Moscow are quite serious to liberate Idlib from the militant groups that have been supported by the Turkish troops directly and indirectly in recent years.  

Of course, any direct military confrontation between Russian and Turkish forces in Idlib seems unlikely, as Russia has proved that it knows well how to interact with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Moscow is clever enough to recognize the ripe time to be hard against Erdogan and the due time to be flexible towards him.  

Also, the United States will not interfere directly in the Idlib conflict. The U.S. policy is currently based on blackmailing the international sides and providing supports for the Takfiri terrorists. Washington is utilizing the policy as the best tool to materialize its own objectives on the ground. 

Undoubtedly, the Zionist regime of Israel has been considered as one of the main partners of Turkey in the Idlib battle. Observers are now witnessing a series of Israeli forces’ operations against the Syrian military sites in Damascus. These moves by Turkey and Israel clearly show coordination between Tel Aviv and Ankara in their common approach towards the Syrian issue.  

It should be mentioned that Tel Aviv army will avoid any direct ground presence in Syria; instead, Israel has resorted to providing military backup for Turkey via targeting the Syrian Army positions to weaken Damascus and give more chances to Turkish forces to continue their pro-militant operations in Idlib with the lowest level of threat. 

Israel’s raids on the Syrian targets sends this message to the Turkish officials and the Takfiri terrorists in Idlib that Tel Aviv is in the same boat with Ankara and the terrorists in the battle against Syria and the larger resistance front. 

Source: TehranTimes

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