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Publish Date: 23 November 2017 - 22:36  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Despite the US claim, the IAEA governing board is going to certify Iran's compliance with the Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) once again today.

The head of the United Nations atomic energy agency (IAEA) today is going to address its governing board on Iran nuclear activities and Iran's cooperation with the agency under UNSC 2231 resolution.

The meeting will be held at 10:30 local time.

Iran's envoy to the IAEA Najafi who will address the member states of the board referred to the ongoing discussions on the nuclear deal with Iran (JCPOA) and said the 9th IAEA report since the implementation of the JCPOA which is the 8th IAEA head's seasonal verification report to the governing board, once again will certify Iran’s compliance with its commitments under the JCPOA despite the US claims.


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