TEHRAN (Basirat)- Istanbul's Reina nightclub shooter has been killed, media report.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- Daelim Industrial Co., a major construction firm here, said that it has secured a 2.3-trillion-won (US$1.9 billion) deal to expand refinery facilities in Iran.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has received Syrian counterpart Walid al-Moallem to talk Syrian situation, especially political initiatives of peace.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met and discussed with new ambassadors of Romania and Germany to Tehran on Saturday.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- The International Federation of Journalists says that 93 journalists and media staff were killed in targeted attacks, by bombs or by crossfire in 2016 while a further 29 died in two plane crashes.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said foreign support provided for Takfiri terrorist has been prolonging the Syrian crisis.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- The outgoing year saw no full-scale escalation of the territorial dispute over the South China Sea, but the tense situation remains unresolved, Russian expert Anton Tsvetov told Sputnik China.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has confirmed his participation at a trilateral meeting with Russian and Turkish counterpart to be held in Kazakh capital Astana on the Syrian situation.
TEHRAN (Basirat)- Unelected prime minister to run in 2020 on bid to cut ties with outside judicial system and replace Human Rights Act with regressive rules
TEHRAN (Basirat)- HNC spokesman Riyad Naasan Agha said that a Syria's comprehensive ceasefire and protection of civilians is an important step on the way to a serious political solution.
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