Foreign Students Leave Iran in Wake of COVID-19
TEHRAN(Basirat): More than 15,600 foreign students of Iranian universities have been allowed to return to their own countries without any difficulty following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, an official said.
Iran Gears Up for Spring Floods: Energy Minister
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iran’s Minister of Energy Reza Ardakanian said the country is fully prepared for possible floods in the springtime.
Iran’s Knowledge-Based Firms Take Role in Fight on COVID-19
TEHRAN(Basirat): Following the outbreak of a novel coronavirus that has infected more than 9,000 people in Iran so far, the country’s knowledge-based companies have started producing the necessary equipment for containing the disease.
Iranian Army Hospitals at Disposal of COVID-19 Patients
TEHRAN(Basirat): The Iranian Army Ground Force said it has prepared all of its hospitals across the country to admit coronavirus patients.
70,000 Get Prison Furlough in Iran amid COVID-19 Outbreak
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iran’s Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Raeisi said around 70,000 prisoners across the country have been granted leave in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak.
WHO Hails Iran’s Fight against COVID-19
TEHRAN(Basirat): World Health Organization representative Richard Brennan acknowledged Iran’s serious efforts to contain the novel coronavirus epidemic.
Iran Busts Terrorist Cell in Southeastern Province
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iranian security forces managed to dismantle a terrorist cell in Zahedan, the provincial capital city of the Southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan, where they intended to plant a bomb at a police station.
Hoarders of Health Supplies in Iran Stand Trial
TEHRAN(Basirat): Ten individuals charged with hoarding health supplies and disrupting Iran’s economy stand trial on Saturday as these products are scarce in the country due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19.
Iran Settles Debts of Tomato Farmers: Deputy Minister
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iran plans to pay back the total debts of the tomato farmers by the next few week, an official at the Iranian ministry of agriculture-Jihad said.
Top Security Official Raps Foreign Media Lies about Coronavirus in Iran
TEHRAN(Basirat): Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani blasted certain foreign media outlets for playing with the mental health of the Iranian people by releasing fake reports about the situation of coronavirus epidemic in the country.
Iran Starts Manufacturing Special Thermometers in Campaign against Coronavirus Infection
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iranian scientists at Khajeh Nasireddin Tousi University in Tehran developed stationed and mobile thermometer production technology to control body temperature of moving crowds as the nation has mobilized all its possibilities against the spread of the coronavirus.
Iran’s Top Judge Orders Harsh Action against Hoarders of Medical Goods
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iran’s Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Ebrahim Raeisi ordered severe punishment for hoarding pharmaceutical and health products as Iranian organizations and government bodies are heavily engaged in efforts to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak.