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friends and family gather to eat, drink and read poetry... especially hafiz until after midnight each member of the family...
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an opportunity to gather members of a family, relatives, and... , and each family may bring something to the party... family and togetherness sometimes goes so far that the use...
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calendar yalda night is a time when friends and family...
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in a prisoner swap he was welcomed by his family... his family had several times voiced worries about soleimani&rsquo s... kilograms and suffers from severe vision loss soleimani&rsquo s family... at least three times since october and his family and...
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b the continuous effort by the al-saud family to repair...
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family members and iranian officials upon his arrival iranian foreign... georgia his family had several times voiced worries about soleimani&rsquo... family condemned the us government's hostile act bjay pak, the... for at least three times since october and his family...
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Ayatollah Sistani Condemns ‘Horrific Crime’
order to shoo the protesters away from his family&rsquo s...
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