US Sanctions on Iran Targeting Cancer Patients: Iranian Pharmacology Prof.
TEHRAN(Basirat): An Iranian pharmacology professor said US sanctions against Tehran are blocking the country’s access to vital medicine, and therefore targeting cancer patients despite claims by US officials that they do not.
Iran Tanker Likely to Leave Gibraltar after Court Decision: Source
TEHRAN(Basirat): The Iranian tanker Grace 1 will likely be allowed to leave Gibraltar following a court decision which is due on Thursday, a source said.
Ready for US face-off, China ‘re-engages’ Iran on projects
TEHRAN(Basirat): China has “re-engaged” Iran on three key energy projects which the world’s biggest oil buyer is adamant to carry on with their implementation despite US sanctions, a report says.
Official: Iran to Build New Sensing Satellite by Yearend
TEHRAN(Basirat): Head of Iran's Space Research Center Hossein Samimi announced that the country's experts have ended work on the home-made 'Nahid 1' telecommunication satellite, adding that a new sensing satellite named 'Pars 1' will be manufactured by the end of this Iranian year (March 19).
Iranian Students Decry India’s Kashmir Crackdown
TEHRAN(Basirat): A group of Iranian students held a rally in front of the Indian Embassy in Tehran to protest against India’s military crackdown on people in disputed Kashmir.
Iran to Unveil Advanced Homegrown Missile System This Month: Minister
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said the domestically-made long-range air defense missile system “Bavar-373” will be unveiled later this month.
Iran sets 7-year horizon to become plane parts maker
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iranian aerospace companies would become suppliers of spare parts for planes in seven years time, says a senior Iranian high-tech official.
Iranian Gasoline Sold at IRENEX
TEHRAN(Basirat): Iran has offered 10,000 tons of gasoline for sale in the international ring of the Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX).
Germany will not join US-led Persian Gulf patrol force: Maas
TEHRAN(Basirat): Germany has officially turned down a request by the United States to join its international naval force, which is supposed to protect vessels from an alleged Iranian threat as they pass through the Strait of Hormuz.
Iran Condemns Fatal Saudi Air Strike on Yemeni Civilians
TEHRAN (Basirat) : Iran’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned an aerial attack by the Saudi-led military coalition on a residential area in Yemen’s Sa’ada that has killed at least 14 civilians at a local market.
Number of tourists entering from Bazargan border to Iran up by 57%
TEHRAN(Basirat): The head of Bazargan Border Terminal in West Azarbaijan province said that the number of tourists entering Iran from Bazargan border has increased by 57% compared to the corresponding period last year.
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