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10th of ramadan in memory of lady khadija s (pbuh) passing
Imam Khamenei’s decree on fasting in Ramadan during Corona
Tehran (Basirat) :Grand Ayatollah Khamenei's office for answering questions on religious verdicts has published the ruling concerning fasting in the month of Ramadan during the Coronavirus pandemic. What follows is the full text of the question and answer.
Refusing to treat elderly or disabled Corona patients is a result of the domination of capitalism
Tehran (Basirat) :Refusing to treat elderly or disabled Corona patients is a result of the domination of capitalism
COVID-19 in Iran: Volunteers Washing Dead Bodies in Baqiyatallah Hospital
TEHRAN(Basirat): Brave volunteer clergies wash the bodies of the dead coronavirus patients in accordance with Islamic rules but under strict hygiene protocols in Baqiyatallah hospital in Tehran. [PHOTOS]
Iranian University Produces API of Favipiravir Drug Effective in Treatment of Coronavirus Disease
TEHRAN(Basirat): The Iranian researchers at Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tousi University managed to produce the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of Favipiravir, also known as Avigan, which has proved effective in the treatment of patients infected with COVID-19 virus.
President of Iranian Seminaries Sends Letter to Int’l Religious Leaders
TEHRAN(Basirat): In a letter to fifty religious leaders across the world, the president of the theological schools of Iran expressed the country’s readiness to share its experience in handling the novel coronavirus with other countries.
COVID-19 pandemic can hit Israeli regime harder than expected
TEHRAN(Basirat): Military-spying character of the Israeli regime coupled with costly occupation and blockade of the Palestinian territories will certainly narrow down its economic capabilities as COVID-19 outbreak has reduced Tel Aviv's incomes remarkably, a political science expert said.
Iran celebrates Army Day with COVID-19 aid convoys
Tehran (Basirat) :Iran has marked its annual National Army day by replacing usual parades with a COVID-19 aid march of military vehicles designed and packed with supplies to help assist the country’s battle with the coronavirus.
US Virus Deaths near 35,000; Joblessness 22 Million
TEHRAN (Basirat) : The Chinese city of Wuhan has raised its number of coronavirus fatalities by 1,290 to 3,869, most of China's total. That brings the total fatalities in nationwide to at least 4,642.
Storytelling Helps Children Overcome Fear of Coronavirus
TEHRAN(Basirat): An official with Iran’s Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults has advised the parents to read stories to their children as an effective way to dispel their fears of the novel coronavirus pandemic and build their hopes up for the bright days.
US Military Morale in Decline
TEHRAN(Basirat): US Navy Vice Adm. Bill Merz, the commander of the United States' largest forward­-deployed fleet, recently visited the aircraft carrier reeling from a coronavirus outbreak and admitted the morale for some of its crew was negatively impacted by recent events.
Iran on Verge of Containing COVID-19 in Majority of Provinces: Minister
TEHRAN(Basirat):Iran’s Minister of Health Saeed Namaki said his organization is on the verge of curbing the novel coronavirus epidemic in most of the country’s provinces.