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Publish Date : 09 January 2016 - 10:50  ,  
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TEHRAN,Jan 09,(BASIRAT)- terrorist groups including Al`Qaeda, Da`esh and etc, are created and raised by the England and U.S.A. Intelligence services.
Ali Movahed
While Syria and Iraq crises as well as the Zionist regime`s crimes against the Palestinians and the Saudis` crimes in Yemen have been the axis of world`s developments, the beginning of the New Christian Year made a different news headline. The 2016 began while compared to recent years, the security precautions have increased, as in many European countries the plans for New Year celebrations have either been cancelled or been done with the most strict security precautions. 
London, Paris, Moscow, Belgium, Ankara, Madrid and New York were among cities where celebrated the New Christian Year of 2016 in increased security conditions because of the fear of terrorist attacks. The English newspaper, Guardian, reported that the official celebrations in Brussels were cancelled because of security reasons, along with the fireworks show in Champs-Élysées, Paris. The Belgian police arrested six during an intelligence operation regarding terrorist attack plans in houses of the capital city. In France, 11 thousands police officers, soldiers and firemen, and a total number 60 thousands militants were stationed all over the country. In London, also, thousands of police officers were stationed, among which were many armed forces, and about three thousand policemen were positioned at London Centre, where the 2016 fireworks show was performed. In Madrid, the capital of Spain, 600 police officers were stationed in "Puerta del Sol” square, while only 25 thousands of Spanish people could participate in the New Year`s celebrations in the place.     
The US security officials in New York City announced the presence of about six thousand police officers, some of them in normal clothing, in order to provide security for the people of the city. In the midst of the crisis in the US, Police in New York City claimed to have arrested a person who had planes for terrorist attacks in the time of New Year celebrations. The significant point is that racist attacks against refugees were increased in many European countries, while some believe that these attacks are as a result of the fear ruling the continent.
What are the facts behind these incidents?
It is pretended by western media, that the threats made by terrorist groups like Da`esh as well as preventing disasters like Paris shootings, are the reasons behind the security conditions, and that western intelligent services are, in a way, coming up with countermeasures for terrorist attacks and insecurity. 
Meanwhile in a speech on the occasion of the beginning of the New Christian Year, the France president François Hollande emphasized on the execution of government-proposed regulations regarding exclusion and expulsion of the civilians accused of cooperating with the terrorist, saying:  "France is planning to modify the civil law regarding this matter. Such words indicate the continuation of France`s anti-Islam policy, showing that they are going to impose more limitations on the Muslims in excuse for war on terrorism.
While such behaviors have put the New Year in security conditions, the in-depth analyzing of recent terrorist attacks in the world reveals an important point, which is the necessity to oppose the creators and funding sources of such terrorist groups. Although the west claims that Islamic foundations, supported by countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, are behind these terrorist groups, and by such claims imposes many limitations on Muslims, but the documents and facts prove otherwise. The truth is that terrorist groups including Al`Qaeda, Da`esh and etc, are created and raised by the western Intelligence services, especially in England and U.S.A. Hillary Clinton, American foreign minister in the first 4 years presidency of Obama, clearly states that U.S.A has created Al`Qaeda and Da`esh so they can secure US interests in the world. The objective result of such behaviors by U.S.A and its allies can be seen in Syria, where in the past five years by supporting such groups, they destroyed the country, and if it was not for the abidance of the resistance front, the terrorists would rule this country and the world by now. The important point is that while the world is in a war on terrorism in the past years, western countries leaders and their allies are continuing to support the terrorists.
Considering these facts, it can be concluded that the solution for ending terrorist threats in the world including in U.S.A and Europe, is to bring western leaders and their allies as the main creators and supporters of terrorism to a trial, since they have thrown the world in the hands of criminals and murderers only because of their interests.
The security condition ruling U.S.A and the Europe, which has turned the sweetness of New Year into bitterness for people of western countries, is a result of western leaders` betrayal against their nations and the world, since they are ready to destroy the world in order to secure their colonial policies; a goal which is followed in recent years by means of terrorism. 

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