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Publish Date : 18 April 2017 - 11:13  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): President Rouhani recently, in the unveiling ceremony of achievements in defense industry, pointed to the importance of the defense industry and the missiles capabilities of Iran. In a part of his speech, he told that we needs "no one's permission" to build missiles and aircraft. Hence, in this situation we try to analyze the role of missile in defense doctrine of Islamic republic of Iran.

The role of missile in defense doctrine of Islamic republic of Iran

Basirat Political Center

Mostafa Ghorbani: political analyst of Iran issues

The missile power of Iran is one of the strategic capacities of Iran that has been noticed seriously in political - military domestic and foreign countries in recent years. Indeed, the missile power of Iran is among five countries that have the ability to build ballistic missiles. However, the question is that how is the role of industry and missile capabilities in the defense doctrine of Iran? In other word, what is the role and importance of missile in defense doctrine of Iran?

1- The most important role of missile in Iran's defense doctrine is deterrence. In other word, defense doctrine of Iran stresses on missile, because it has an important role in creating deterrence. The important point in the field of deterrence is that we must gain power that enemy doesn’t dare to attack us and if the enemy attack us, we must be able to represent decisive response to enemy that it leads to enemy’s regret. Almost all Iran's defensive weaponries are created with this purpose, but the missile have an important and more efficient because the enemy have less power to cope with it, long-range missiles can create deterrence against a nuclear power of enemy.

2- Islamic Republic of Iran has never invaded to other countries so far and will not intend to attack other countries and even has not threatened them by military strikes, it is obvious that increasing of its military capacities, such as missile capabilities aimed to strengthen defense and security power of Iran. Iran has repeatedly stated that if enemy makes a mistake and attacks to Iran, Iran respond to him. Therefore, missile capabilities can also be defined in terms of defensive and offensive power. If an enemy want to attack us, we can take action against him. It has great importance because of the recent emphasis‘s supreme grand leader. Ayatollah Khamenei have stated many times that Iran must have capabilities to respond to any invasion of enemies.

3- on the other hand, Iran have placed on the crisis region and with the presence of extra-regional powers in the region and their military bases in our region, missile capabilities is an efficient tool that prevent any aggression to our country.

In short, the most important role of missile in the defense doctrine of Islamic republic is deterrence. this point should not be ignored that the with past experiences, especially during the eight years of Holy Defense reminds to us there is a necessity to equip and strengthen the defense power of our country.

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