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Publish Date : 22 August 2017 - 12:20  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): The recent terror attacks in Spain and Finland have reignited security concerns in Europe. In the wake of the Paris terrorist assaults in 2015, the scope of such attacks in Europe was thought to be restricted to one or two countries.

Basirat Political Center

Hanif Ghafari Political Analyst

The Brussels terrorist attacks and other sporadic ones across the continent including the recent ones, however, have unraveled what I would like to call a "security crisis.”

As a case in point, the Barcelona attack indicated that security crises in Europe are persisting. The development also rendered it wrong that terrorism in the continent is delimited to a specific geography.

Meanwhile, those nations in the Schengen area are more susceptible to terror. The security crisis in the united Europe is strongly felt now and its common security policies have not only failed to shore up border security but have turned into the bloc’s intelligence weakness.
Failure of European intelligence services to curb far-right and fascist groups and their support for Takfiri currents in western Asia have strengthened the extremists in the West.
Arms support for Arab dictators by European countries such as Germany, England, and France are a contributing factor, as well. 
A key dimension of the fresh security crisis in Europe is its geographical scope, making it more challenging to bring terrorists under control as they are sprawling across larger territorial swathes. 
That certain European countries are trying to boost Takfiri currents in western Asia as a measure to prevent the terrorists from entering Europe is a dangerous security calculus which definitely fires back.
There is need for a change in Europe’s security approach at macro level toward western Asia. Backing Takfiri groups in the region and encountering them in Europe is a dual policy, whose outcome is nothing but the return of terrorism in the West.

SOURCE :TehranTimes

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