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Publish Date : 16 November 2017 - 19:36  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat) :The French president has started a full-blown opposition to Iran's missile program. Emmanuel Macron In his speech, points to Ansarullah's recent Missile Attack in Riyadh and called Iran responsible for the attack! Macron's statements indicate that he has taken the United States' command to impose pressure and restraint on the missile program of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hanif Ghafari

Basirat Political Center

French Game in the White House Puzzle

These remarks came as US President Donald Trump called for the inclusion of Iran's nuclear missile power in a nuclear deal. Hence, the French game on the land of the United States has entered a new phase.

In this regard, there are some points that need to be taken into consideration:

1- During nuclear talks with Iran, France was one of the main proponents of the inclusion of Iran's missile capability in the final deal. However, American and French officials have found that nuclear talks will not succeed by insisting on this stance. As a result, they decided to withdraw from their positions. However, French officials have always called for limiting Iran's missile power to various excuses. France is also well aware that Iran's missile power is in the defense of our country against the threats in the West Asian region. The threats that the United States and its European allies, including France, have had in creating and sustaining it. France, like the United States, is calling for Iran's missile disarmament to weaken our defensive positions. The French are fully aware that a "weak Iran" will be vulnerable to threats and pressures. This is the same demand from the French and other Western countries.

2- Following the recent speech by Donald Trump on the nuclear deal, the French made some steps to implement the demands of the President of the United States. The officials at the Elysee Palace have three times officially announced they are ready to resume talks with Iran on issues such as Iran's missile power and nuclear-related time constraints. On the other hand, the French authorities have expressed their support for the nuclear deal! This paradoxical approach shows that the French have started a complex game of nuclear dealings with Iran. On the one hand, they are seeking to meet the demands of the White House and imposing further restrictions on Iran's nuclear program and, on the other hand, they do not want to be charged with a nuclear agreement violation! Undoubtedly, this paradoxical game can not continue.

3- What is certain is that the European Troika have only two options in this regard! These two options are "full commitment to the current version of the JCPOA" or "walking away from it." There isn't a third option here. In this regard, our country's diplomacy and foreign policy system must be resolutely and firmly asking the Europe to choose between the two options, and to decide on the consequences of choosing each one. If the European Troika are to choose the first option and stay true to the JCPOA, it is necessary to fulfill all their obligations in this regard. But if the European Troika opt for the second option and get out of the nuclear deal, they will face Iran's next moves and the resumption of our nuclear activities (with even a faster pace).

4- As media reported, French President Emmanuel Macron is considering visiting Iran."A trip to Iran by the president, at the invitation of President Rouhani, has been considered,” The Telegraph quoted the Elysee presidential office as saying.

Iranian presidential website said the visit would happen next year. Macron’s visit to Iran would be the first by a French head of state or government since 1971.

Undoubtedly, Macro's visit to Iran will be the best opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to express its explicit stance on recent French positions. Obviously, Macron's positions on Iran's missile program must be criticized and challenged by Iranian president. It is also necessary to call on the French President to make an option between a commitment to a nuclear deal and the supply of U.S. requests.

5- Another dangerous game of Macroon and other French officials in the nuclear deal is the redefinition of JCPOA. France, like the United States, does not consider nuclear revision to be a violation of it, and, on the other hand, it does not accept the logical resistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran against this irrational demand of the West! Undoubtedly, this position of the French authorities is not acceptable. What is certain is that any change in the nuclear deal will mean the United States, France and Britain cancel it. In such a situation, the French's insistence on incorporating Iran's nuclear missile power into its nuclear deal is considered to be a violation. Even contrary to what Western authorities claim, it can not be done in the form of an addendum, since the supra-moderation must not conflict with the text of the main agreement.

6- After the announcement by the US Congress of a nuclear deal that repeats the same unwitting demands of US President Donald Trump, French officials will exacerbate their pressure on Iran. Undoubtedly, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not succumb to the missile pressures of France and the United States and Britain. It should be noted that over the past months, there have been many talks between American and French officials on how to deal with a nuclear deal. During the general meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Macron and Trump talked in detail on this matter. It is now clear that the outcome of this dialogue is the French game on the American puzzle to meet the demands of the Trump!

Finally, the behavior and speech of the French authorities will now be thoroughly analyzed by the Iranian people and the Iranian government. Undoubtedly, in the JCPOA being canceled by the United States, the role of France will be highlighted in this equation, and this will be influential in the relations between Tehran and Paris.

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