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The Leader in a meeting with military commanders and personnel:
TEHRAN (Basirat) :Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei held a meeting Thursday with some of the commanders and personnel of Iran’s Air Force and the Army’s Air Defence Base on the occasion of the historic pledge of allegiance by Homafaran (Air Force officers in the previous Iranian regime) to the founder of the Islamic Republic, the late Imam Khomeini, on February 8, 1979.

In the meeting, Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the ten-day ceremonies marking the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and other key occasions of the Islamic Revolution as a source of solidity and strength for the establishment and reiterated, "Today, by the grace of God, February 11 [rallies marking the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution] will be one of those spectacular February 11 ceremonies.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution described the February 11, 1979 movement and other key occasions of the Islamic Revolution as being more than just glorious memories and said, "All of these divine days, whether the Islamic Revolution era occasions or key occasions over the past 39 years, will pave the way for an increase in the reserves and capital of the revolution and will further solidify the pillars of the Islamic Revolution.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described the Islamic Revolution as a living reality and stressed that the stability and formidability of the Revolution today is greater than those of the early days of the Revolution, reiterating, "The revolutionaries of today are stronger, wiser and more insightful than the revolutionaries of the early days of the Revolution; therefore, the Revolution has advanced and evolved.”

Leader of the Islamic Revolution said change and development, like in other living creatures, is part of the nature of the Revolution and added, "Now that the Revolution is entering its 40th year, the fundamentals and basics have remained stable and fixed; however, from this mighty tree with deep roots have emerged fresh and new fruits.”

He said the key objective of the enemies in battling the Islamic Revolution is to prevent the emergence of new fruit and the continuation and endurance of the Revolution, saying, "The enemies are the same people whose puppet and obedient government was toppled with the victory of the Islamic Revolution in this sensitive region, and the US government is at their helm.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the various and widespread methods of the enemies to counter the Revolution, reiterating, "They utilize self-proclaimed thinkers, fake theoreticians, mercenary journalists and writers, clowns and all of the facilities of cyberspace to affect the people; however, on some divine days such as February 11, December 22, 2009, or December 22 this year, and in the spontaneous, passionate and fervent rallies following those occasions, people flock to the streets and ruin the calculations of the enemy by chanting a single slogan in unisons.”

Ayatollah Khamenei said the efforts of the ill-wishers of the Iranian nation transcend measures on cyber-space and added, "The also use sanctions to create economic problems, but these same people, out of love for the Islamic Revolution, pour onto the streets in droves and further strengthen the Revolution.”

He described the February 11 rallies this year as an example of the love and respect of the people for the Revolution and added, "Due to the nonsense words and blabber of some US and non-US statesmen this year, the people sense that the enemy is setting up an ambush and seeks to carry out hostile acts and, therefore, by the grace of God, the participation of the people in February 11 rallies this year will be greater and more fervid than ever and everyone will attend.”

Furthermore, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that the fundamental policies of the Establishment have emanated from the Islamic Revolution, saying, "‘Economic, cultural, political and security independence,’ ‘freedom’ and ‘full-scale material and spiritual progress’ are among the fundamental policies of the Establishment and in some areas, particularly in science and technology, good progress has been made.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described "social justice” as one of the other fundamental policies of the Establishment and added, "The objective of social justice is to remove the distance between the people and, of course, we have shortcomings and shortfalls in this area and what should be done has not been done yet; however, all should know that we have not given up this fundamental policy and are seriously pursuing it.”

He said one of the ways for the realization of social justice is to battle tyranny and corruption and added, "Fighting tyranny and corruption are very difficult and as I said a few years ago, corruption is like the seven-headed dragon of myths whose elimination is not easy but must be done.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed, "Combating tyranny and corruption among government workers must be more serious and intense than other cases and all of the country’s officials and managers must attend to this issue.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution said "standing up against tyranny and corruption at the international level and exposing it” is another fundamental policy and stressed, "Today, the most tyrannical and merciless structures of the world is the US government, which is even worse than savage Daesh members.”

Ayatollah Khamenei recalled that Daesh was created by the Americans and that the incumbent US president referred to this fact in his election campaign.

The Leader said: "As well as creating Daesh, the Americans supported them and savage US bodies such as Blackwater were likely responsible for the teaching of some violent and brutal methods; however, despite all these cruelties and hard-heartedness, the US government lays claims to be a supporter of human rights and the oppressed and animal rights in international propaganda and they must be shamed through the expression of these realities.”

He described the 70-year oppression against the Palestinian nation and the support for the massacre of Yemeni people and brutality against them as clear examples of the tyranny of the Americans and added, "Yemen’s infrastructure and oppressed people are being bombarded daily by US allies and with American weapons; however, the US government pays no heed and makes no complaint and with utter brazenness raises the baseless allegation of the delivery of missiles from Iran by displaying some metal scraps.”

"How is it possible to send missiles while Yemeni people are under a blockade?” the Leader asked rhetorically.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed, "Indeed, according to the explicit directives of Islam, tyranny must be countered and the oppressed must be helped.”

He pointed to one instance of the involvement and resistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in regional affairs and said, "In the issue of resistance in the West Asia region, the Americans planned to uproot resistance; however, we resisted and said we will not allow it. Today, it has been proven to the entire world that the US wanted but failed while we wanted and succeeded.”

Continuing, Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to an important issue, namely the issue of the "people” and the great asset of "the popular and religious nature” of the Islamic Revolution, saying, "The Islamic Revolution was popular and the people believing in Islam showed resilience and expressed gratitude in all stages such as the Sacred Defense and the martyrdom of their children, because this defense and martyrdom took place in the path of God and Imam Hussain.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that people must take priority in all issues, saying, "People’s names are repeatedly mentioned and of course, the repetition and reliance on people’s names in the remarks of officials is very good; however, they and we should know the people.”

He pointed to the activities of the intellectuals in the tyrannical era prior to the Revolution and their speaking of the people, reiterating, "The tyrannical regime was not very tough on those intellectuals or their works because neither the intellectuals understood the word of the people nor the people understood the word of the intellectuals, but when the great Imam entered the fray, he understood the people and the people also understood him and entered the battlefield with all their means.”

Ayatollah Khamenei once again highlighted "understanding the people,” adding, "Who are the people? The people are those who create the February 11 epic every year; the people are those who, after rioters became involved, stepped back even if they had had a complaint and entered the fray on December 22. These are our people. Do not mistake them. Know the people and work for the people sincerely and to gain God’s satisfaction, because God has requested us officials to be the servants of the people and serve them.”

He reiterated, "The people have complaints about corruption and discrimination. The people will tolerate most of the problems, but they are complaining of corruption and discrimination and will not brook it; therefore, the officials of the three branches of government must seriously counter corruption.”

In the concluding part of his speech, Ayatollah Khamenei urged the Armed Forces to engage in development, saying, "Development in the first place is to develop oneself, and develop military personnel befitting the Islamic establishment, namely, faithful, brave, self-sacrificing and prudent forces who stand up mightily against the enemy, but have no arrogance in the face of friends.”

The commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces pointed to the resplendent record of the Air Force in the self-sufficiency campaign and the building of equipment, adding, "Some countries only have money but do not have the privileges of religion, morality, wisdom and skill; however, you youth can renovate the equipment and the Air Force organization through talent, intellectual capability and power of innovation and must know that you will be victorious.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed, "In all of the issues of these years, revolutionary forces have, by the grace of God, claimed victory and in future too, to the chagrin of enemy, victory belongs to you and the Iranian nation.”

Prior to the remarks of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Air Force Commander Brigadier General Hassan Shahsafi described the formation of the campaign for self-sufficiency in the Air Force as one of the important and strategic initiatives of Ayatollah Khamenei in 1980 and offered a report on the capabilities of the Air Force in building equipment and its combat and defense power, saying, "The Air Force is actively present in helping those affected by the Kermanshah earthquake and also in helping the oppressed Muslims and the resistance front and we are ready to implement our military oath by removing the disgraceful stain of the Zionist regime and Takfiri movement from the region.”

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