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Iranians Celebrate Another Year of Countering US Imperialism: American Analyst

TEHRAN (Basirat) : A senior political expert and activist based in the US city of Atlanta praised Iranians’ rallies marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution and said they celebrated their freedom from the yoke of US-led Western imperialism.

"On the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian people celebrated another year of refusing to accept US Imperialism,” Jim W. Dean said in an interview with the Tasnim News Agency.
"While the US Israel Lobby and the NeoCons have endlessly tried to paint Iran as a security threat, it was the US and British neo-colonial power that overthrew an elected Iranian government (in 1953), installed a puppet regime, and proceeded to loot the country for decades,” he said.
Jim Dean is the managing editor of and a regular geopolitical commentator on various media outlets around the world. He and Sr. Editor Gordon Duff have begun their own bridge building campaign with Iranian university youth via Skype conferences. Jim comes from an old military family going back to the American Revolution.
Following is the full text of the interview:
Q: As you may know, the Iranian people toppled the US-backed Pahlavi regime 39 years ago, ending 2500 years of monarchic rule in the country. Since then, on February 11 each year, Iranians from every walk of life pour into the streets by the millions to commemorate the great victory of the Islamic Revolution and voice their support for the country’s Establishment. The rallies held across Iran in recent years on the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution have remained in place despite some ups and downs, including economic difficulties created for the people by the US sanctions. In your opinion, what are the factors behind the people’s massive presence in the rallies and how did you see the turnout on Sunday? 
Dean: On the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, the Iranian people celebrated another year of refusing to accept US Imperialism. I would pose that the people consider some evolutionary approaches in their presentation. The purpose would be to counter the Western reaction that it is an offensive revolution when it is really a defensive one.
The masses of Iranians in the streets could counter the Western fear propaganda with a new twist that no one would be expecting, by replacing "Death to America”, which paints an offensive motive, with a completely new message. I would express their motivation in two simple, but familiar words… "Never again!” Although the Zionists feel this term is their private property, it is not.
While the US Israel Lobby and the NeoCons have endlessly tried to paint Iran as a security threat, it was the US and British neo-colonial power that overthrew an elected Iranian government (in 1953), installed a puppet regime, and proceeded to loot the country for decades.
The US attacked Iran again by supporting Saddam Hussein in the eight-year devastating war, where not only medium-range missiles were used as terror weapons against Iran’s cities, but also chemical weapons which were supplied by the US.
During the first (Persian) Gulf War, US troops hunting for Saddam’s WMD found old chemical weapons buried in the desert with a well-known US defense contractor’s name on them. They were quickly removed, and the discovery was hidden from the public, but this became known within the military community.  
Although all countries, under international law and the UN charter have the right to self-defense, the war crimes committed against the Iranian people by the US and Iraq, its ally at the time, give Iran even more right to have all the conventional military defense it deems necessary, as that right has been paid for by the blood of its innocent victims.
Most Americans are not familiar with this part of the story, as it is generally censored from any discussion on "the Iran threat” because it would reveal who the real threat is. Iran needs no one’s permission to defend itself. The battle flag of the martyrs says "Never Again!”, and is permission enough.
Q: Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Iran has managed to stand up against the US hostility and presence in the region and insisted on its independence. Iran has also made positive impacts on some regional countries through adopting anti-imperialist policies. What are the reasons behind Iran’s increasing influence on the countries despite US pressures?
Dean: Those countries who have been targeted by the Neo-colonial imperialists will naturally seek an allied relationship with countries that have survived the threat. During the dark days when Iran was in the depths of the sanctions, with even Press TV being taken off European satellites, who could have foreseen the successful outcome of the JCPOA talks, due in large part to the leadership of the key countries involved?
Although some in Iran have viewed Iran’s regional defensive support as having hurt the country economically, I disagree. When the US, Israel, and Sunni Persian Gulf States attacked Iraq using ISIS to take control of Western Iraq while Balkanizing Syria using similar terrorist proxies, the Iranian leadership wisely knew they were all front lines for Iran itself.
Divide and conquer has always been an imperialist game, and that was defeated, narrowly with the key addition of the Russian airpower when Syria was within a few months of being lost. The security of all four countries was greatly enhanced by defeating the offensive plot.
The battle now will be for the victors to form a regional security coalition, their own NATO, to nip future aggression in the bud to prevent the huge destruction incurred during the (Takfiri) wars. And last, there is the difficult politico-religious issue of having the Wahhabi religious extremists formally designated as terrorists by the UN with the appropriate punishments due them.
Q: If the Islamic Revolution had not occurred in Iran and the anti-imperialistic thinking had not spread, what would have happened then and what situation would have been created in Iran and the region?
Dean: The end of the Cold War was just a moment in time. The declassified intelligence and that not released yet reveal that the West, especially the US, attempted to turn Russia into a colony to exploit to its fullest.
The usual tactics were used; buying off greedy, unpatriotic Russians off to act as proxies. Because Yeltsin was such a pitiful leader, this was actually easy to do. It took a Putin to save the day, which is why he is hated by the American imperialists so much. The punishment for Putin’s saving Russia was for the NATO not moving east agreement to be broken.
The NeoCons in Congress were bitter at Obama getting the JCPOA deal done by the slightest of margins. So what we are seeing now is their revenge via Trump, the Israelis and the (Persian) Gulf states to punish Iran for helping defeat the imperialists from destroying Syria and Iraq politically and economically.
Iran played a key role in saving Iraq through the Popular Militias, and hence itself. So together with Syria and other allies, it must continue the united front against the new plots of the recent losers who are bitter at their defeat after spending $130 billion to take over Syria. They aim now to defeat the peace.

SOURCE: Tasnim News Agency