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Publish Date : 11 June 2018 - 03:19  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): After Trump’s official announcement regarding to pullout of Iran nuclear accord and P5+1 group known as joint comprehensive plan of action or JCPOA, US Secretary of state expressed a new strategy toward Iran which is on the agenda at the White House.

Such approaches are not expected to be far from those of US former presidents that used to take, like sanctions and oppression. It is as significant which Jim W. Dean, managing editor and author at Veterans Today in an exclusive interview with Sobhe Sadegh Weekly stresses self-support for Iran. He acknowledges these days Washington’s atmosphere as coup of neo-conservatives. Politicians that do not even respect the public opinion of their own country.

Following is the full-text interview:

Sobhe Sadegh: what's your perspective on US withdrawal from Iran Nuclear agreement and P5+1 group?

Mr.Jim w. Dean: US pullout of JCPOA is not merely Donald trump’s approach, but it is common side of both Netanyahu and Trump. The main reason of Trump’s action which was predictable in advance is that the US is not pursuing peaceful relationship with Islamic Republic, though is keen to introduce it as a threat. By withdrawal from the accord, they are looking forward to reinstate previous nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, and have taken back to see if Tehran would resume its nuclear program to account for their military presence in Persian Gulf and arm sales to regional Arab states under the pretext of countering Islamic Republic. Which will lead to rise in tensions and disputes under these circumstances in the region.

That way when the US acknowledges Iran as a threat for its sovereignty, its presence in the region would be easier to be explained for American public opinion.

Sobhe Sadegh: US withdrawal from JCPOA made it clear that this country is not abide by any international convention. By taking the Trump’s action into account, can other countries trust US ‘s obligations and promises?

Mr.Jim w. Dean: some believe that Washington has isolated itself by scraping the agreement, but such takings generally are not appropriate. Because there were those in Washington who have welcomed US unilateral withdrawal and do not care other countries point of view.

Sobhe Sadegh: what are global consequences of this action?

Mr.Jim w. Dean: this phenomenon has dispatched a message to those who think are US allies. making in their minds when the US interests would be at stake, friends will be turned into adversaries in the blink of an eye.

Sobhe Sadegh: considering all, is it wise for Iran to trust them?

Mr.Jim w. Dean: No, Iran should only lean to its own capabilities and not even other countries. US does not move a feather to other countries making alliances or does not care what they think of its actions, and because of this mind-set which White House politicians have adopted, all the countries are in defensive status.

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