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Publish Date : 09 August 2018 - 17:16  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): Is Trump following a military confrontation with Iran? Without a doubt, Trump is not pursuing a direct war with Iran at any level. For the reason that he knows how terrible would the United States of America have to bear the brunt of its consequences. Donald Trump and his team are entirely aware of the US military 's weaknesses engaging in such a combat with a state like Iran.


This is The Chairman of IRGC Political Department, General Yadollah Javani 's viewpoint in an exclusive interview with Sobhe Sadegh Weekly.

He further added : Fifteen years ago, former US senior decision makers evaluated Iran as a tough goal, and accordingly contented themselves of Iraq and Afghanistan occupation. since then, the Islamic Republic 's influence in the region has been increased while the US ‘s hegemony is now overwhelmingly ineffectual. On the one hand the Americans ‘s vulnerable sides and weaknesses for a suppositional war is not something hiden, and on the other, it is Iran which specifies the range and extend of such a confrontation.

As lately General Qasim Soleimani took into account some of the recent events and notified them to Donald Trump. How can American soldiers, who walk in Iraq and Afghanistan 's streets wearing adult diaper or those who have been arrested in Persian Gulf while were so scared and almost pissed their pants, hold out against IRGC Quds force troops and resistance movement? Fighters whose symbol is Martyr Mohsen Hojaji which his braveness and firmness astonished the whole world when he was captured by Takfiri groups in Syria.

Nevertheless, US politicians know any military action against Iran means entanglement in confrontation with a massive and undefeatable force in a huge area ranging from Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and eastern shore of Mediterranean. They also know any strategic fault, which lead to launching a war against the Islamic Republic, will turn this region into a huge graveyard for American soldiers and their weapons and equipment. This is the region which Trump explicitly announced "In the past seventeen years, the United States has spent 7000 billion Dollars on the West Asia without any tangible result. Americans confess during the past years they used to pay the bills but it was Iran which took the advantages of it and now is transformed to a regional power. Just now, the Americans understand this quote by General Soleimani better than anyone else; " IRGC Quds Force is enough for you”

Thus Mr. Trump never think of a military confrontation with Iran. And does not follow government overthrow as well. Because, based on the appreciation of Iran they know this aspiration will not be realized. But the important point is; "with the knowledge of not being in a position to threat Iran, why do they constantly do so in a rhetorical manner?” as a response it should be said "Mr. Trump as a broker is going after a deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran through negotiation” .

Inducing the Iranian officials to negotiate is The White House dwellers ‘s goal which is followed by all-out psychological pressures and threats on Tehran.

Will Trump achieve this strategic goal ? will he manage to compel Iranians to accept negotiating?

These are questions which the writer in response says:

Trump will leave the White House while regretting his failure to negotiate with Iran. Shortly he will realize that his ploy and art of the deal through intimidation and rhetoric speeches is futile in the face of Iranian nation.

Trump purposefully pulled his country out of Iran nuclear deal known as the JCPOA, which was achieved in Vienna in 2015 after years of negotiations among Iran and the Group 5+1, in order to coerce Iranian officials into negotiating with them on a new agreement. To get it done, they adopted heinous policy of economic pressures and all-out psychological war and endeavored to create chaos and disturbance in the internal affairs of the country . by doing so, they thought Islamic Republic would be intimidated with the threat of regime change and finally comes to the table.

But this theory would not be materialized, because;

1) Substantially developing the strategy of economic pressure through driving Iranian oil exports down to zero is preposterous. Blockading Iran is out of the question. The Security of 50 percent of world oil exports is in the hands of Iran. Therefore the US ‘s threat to drive Iranian oil exports down to zero is invalid and President Rohani ‘s quote saying "no other country in the region could export oil if Iran is to be deprived of oil exports” is an applicable and well-founded threat.

2) Iranian nation and Islamic Establishment learned from the 2015 Nuclear Deal that the United States is totally untrustworthy and under no condition is qualified for any other negotiation.

3) The experience gained from the 2015 Nuclear Deal, enlightened the Iranian nation which country ‘s economic problems would not be solved through negotiation with US.

4) The experience gained from the 2015 Nuclear Deal, also taught Iranian nation and politicians that negotiation with US is a waste of time and opportunities and accumulation of more problems as well.

As stated by, we come to this conclusion that there will be no negotiation with the US and besides, Iranian nation will turn the US ‘s recent threats into a golden opportunity to flourish the economy with the help of unity and unanimity.

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