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Tehran (Basirat): What is one of the main duties of the Mobilized Resistance Forces? You will find the answer to these as well as other questions in this excerpt of Ayatollah Khamenei’s statements

What are the Mobilized Resistance Forces and who are the members? Are the Mobilized Resistance Forces restricted to military domain?

1. What are the Mobilized Resistance Forces and who are the members?

Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) formed Basij out of the people. Basij is not separate from the people. Basij means individuals from different social backgrounds. It means the individuals who are in universities, farms and markets and the individuals who have certain responsibilities in different organizations. They are Basijis. They are members of the Basij organization. Basij is, in fact, a special choice made by the people. It is one of the representatives of the people. This is Basij. This organization was formed by Imam (may God bestow paradise on him) and it developed on a daily basis. Besides, astonishing, great and outstanding things emerged from this organization. Many of our Sardars in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps – some of whom were martyred and some of whom are thankfully alive – are Basijis. You have heard or read, in different writings, astonishing things about them. In the beginning, they entered the arena as Basijis, but they were not obligated to do so. They entered the arena as Basijis and thus their talents were cultivated and they turned into great Sardars like martyr Baqeri, martyr Kazemi, martyr Borujerdi and others, and others and others. This was what they did in the arena of war. They had the same achievements in the arena of knowledge as well. Many of the individuals who accomplished amazing feats in the arena of science and technology either have a Basiji background or are Basijis in the present time. Even if their names have not been recorded in the list of Basij organization, they consider themselves to be Basijis. Nuclear scientists – Rezainejad, Ahmadi Roshan, Shahriari, Ali Mohammadi and others and others – and the same personalities who played a role in highly nuclear and technical areas, all of whom we know up close, are in fact Basijis. Basij has a specific definition: a group of people who show their presence in the middle of the arena and anywhere necessary with lofty divine goals and with an untiring spirit, who show their talents and bring all of their capacities to the arena, and who are not afraid of the dangers of this path. Such people are prepared to lay down their lives. Well, "being prepared to lay down one’s life” is easy to say, but it is not so easy in practice. "Basiji” is a person who is prepared for this difficult task – laying down one’s life and sacrificing things that are even dearer than one’s life. This is the meaning of Basij and it is one of the unique characteristics of our country. It is particular to the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic. Nov 25, 2015

The Mobilized Resistance Forces are a dedicated group of people, for the people, forming an assembly in the massive movement of a devout nation. Participation in defense, science, arts, construction, politics, culture, participating in helping the deprived, in helping the destitute, in production, in technology, in advancing various matters of the country, in sports, in International achievements, in every positive deed: this is the movement of the Mobilized Resistance Forces; a grassroots movement, for the people, in the hearts of the people, from the people themselves, from all social classes, from women, men, the youth, the elderly, adolescents, from various communities - which led to the formation of a community of the Party of God [Hezbollah]. Nov 27, 2011

The Mobilized Resistance Forces represent an assembly in which the purest people, the most devoted and most accomplished youth of the country are gathered to lead the country to the great goals of this nation and in order to move the nation towards prosperity and perfection. The Mobilized Resistance Forces represent an organization in which, dispersed and sole individuals fashion a big and coherent group whose members are aware, committed, insightful, who identify the problems of the country and the needs of the nation; an assembly that frightens the enemy and reassures the friends. This is the meaning of the Mobilized Resistance Forces [Basij]. In fact, the Mobilized Resistance Forces represent a holy unity among the people of the nation. All of the arenas in which the Mobilized Resistance Forces have participated are national arenas: fields related to the entire nation - such as the sacred defense field, the construction field and public services. At no time the country is needless of such a massive assembly made up of the best sons and daughters of the nation, with such features. The Mobilized Resistance Forces are, in fact, the epitome of love and faith, awareness and fighting and absolute readiness to bring about the dignity of the country and the nation. Nov 26, 1997


2. How were the Mobilized Resistance Forces formed?

Since the first day after the victory of the Revolution and even before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini laid the foundations for Basij by encouraging the people to step into the arena, by encouraging the people to accept responsibility and by trusting the people. He trusted the people and the people started to trust themselves. They found self-confidence. If Imam Khomeini (r.a.) had not trusted the people, they would not have started to trust themselves. Thus, he laid the foundations for Basij. In fact the Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps was an offshoot of Basij. Jahad-e Sazandegi was an offshoot of Basij. Although Basij was not as organized as in the following years, the culture of Basij, the nature of Basij and the origin of Basij became the source of great blessings for the country, for our society and for the Islamic Republic. Basij is such a truth. Jun 23, 2010


3. What are the ethics and manners attributed to the Mobilized Forces?

Basij is political in nature, but it is not intoxicated by political and partisan activities. Basij is a mujahid organization, but it is not without discipline. It is not radical. Basij is deeply pious and religious, but it is not rigid and superstitious. Basij is insightful, but it is not self-centered. Basij is inclusive - and I have recommended maximum inclusion - but it will not compromise principles. Basij is brave. It is the guardian of principles. Basij is a supporter of science, but it is not intoxicated with science. Basij enjoys Islamic characteristics and it is not hypocritical. Basij is involved in improving the world, but it does not have materialistic tendencies. And this is a culture. The Basiji culture includes the knowledge, methods and behaviors which can give rise to great things that guarantee the permanent Islamic movement of a nation on a straight path. This is a school of thought and it is not just an abstract concept: it has a manifestation in the real world. The movement of Basij changed the destiny of Iran and it even went beyond changing the destiny of Iran. From the first day, Basijis continued their activities in different revolutionary arenas before and after the Revolution and their movement became permanent. It became a model. It went down in history in the name of the Iranian nation. Nov 28, 2011

Being present is one of the characteristics of a Basiji and Basij movement. Being present wherever one is needed: this is one of the most important Basiji characteristics... Basij was an amazing and unparalleled movement that happened after the Revolution. Jun 23, 2010

The Basij is the secret behind the country's resistance, permanence, and grandeur. It is very important that a group of most faithful and competent people courageously enter different arenas according to the needs of their country and make use of all their capabilities without demanding any compensation or expecting any recognition. Nov 25, 2009


4. The significance of the Mobilized Resistance Forces: coupling actions with faith

Basij means joining faith and action together - not just action, but selfless action. From an Islamic perspective, faith without action is the minimum requirement. Perfect and genuine faith is one that is accompanied by jihad in the arena of action. "Those who believed and left their homes and struggled for the cause of Allah, and those who took them in and helped them - these are the believers in truth." [The Holy Quran, 8: 74] A true believer is one whose faith is accompanied by jihad and assistance for other believers. This and many other Quranic verses reject the wrong and misguided idea that faith minus action and jihad is enough to get close to God. The Basij is based on the idea that faith must be accompanied by action - selfless action.Oct 24, 2010


5. Are the Mobilized Resistance Forces restricted to military domain?

Basij is, in fact, a humble yet widespread force in the country. It is an army, an army that has been established to fight in all arenas, not just in the military arena. The military function of Basij is just a small aspect of it because we are not always at war. The presence of Basij extends far beyond the military arena. I am serious when I repeatedly stress that Basij should not be considered a military organization. Basij is not just a military organization and this is the fact of the situation. Basij is the arena for jihad, not fighting. Fighting is only one aspect of jihad. Jihad means being present in the arena while making selfless efforts with a goal in mind and with firm religious faith. This is the meaning of jihad. Therefore, "Struggle hard in Allah's way with your property and your souls." It is necessary to struggle in Allah's way with both one's wealth and one's soul. What does it mean to fight with one's soul? Does it just mean going to the battlefield and laying our life down? No, one kind of jihad with one's soul is to spend day and night on a research project without being aware of the passage of time. Jihad with one's soul means giving up one's fun, welfare and well-paying job in order to spend one's time at a research center with the aim of discovering a scientific truth and offering it to one's society. This is fighting with one's soul. Another small aspect of jihad is fighting with one's wealth. Therefore, the activities of Basij cover a vast area. It is not particular to a certain group of people, nor is it confined to a specific geographical area. It is neither particular to a specific period of time, nor is it confined to certain arenas. The scope of Basij includes all places, all times, all arenas and all groups of people. Jun 23, 2010

One of the characteristics of Basij is the wide scope of its presence which should be preserved. It has a wide scope of presence in military, scientific and artistic arenas. Well, martyr Avini is a basiji. Such and such a committed and enthusiastic artist in the world of the visual arts, poetry, literature and the like is a basiji. This is also the case with personalities active in technological and economic areas... So, the wide scope of presence – in all the arenas that we mentioned and in all those that we did not mention: you basijis are aware of these arenas – is one of the characteristics of Basij. Nov 25, 2015

Basij is not limited to these military units. The Basij is present in all areas. Probably the number of Basijis doing non-military jobs - in universities, workshops, villages, cities, and Islamic seminaries as well as among nomads and people from various social backgrounds - is a hundred times more than the number of Basijis who serve at our military organizations. With its inexhaustible power, the Basij is present everywhere. The Basij is not dependant on money, social position, power, and orders from above. Faith and insight are the criteria for the Basij. Faith originates from the hearts of Basijis and makes them work hard. Similarly, insight tells them how to proceed, how to identify the criteria, and how to tread the path. That is the meaning of being a Basiji. Nov 25, 2009


6. What is one of the main duties of the Mobilized Resistance Forces?

Supporting and defending the firm and unchanging Islamic principles is among the most essential duties of Basij, which contributes to the identity of Basij. This was also mentioned by Imam Khomeini (r.a.): unchanging Islamic principles. In this case, the role of Basij is to rise above the situation and make sure the general path of the Revolution and the Islamic system does not deviate from the right path. Basij guards against deviations. Basij stands up against deviations wherever it spots them. One characteristic of Basij is that it follows a straight path towards the lofty goals of the Islamic Revolution without any deviations. Oct 14, 2011


7. What role do the Mobilized Resistance Forces play in Economy of Resistance?

Basij can help the organizations in charge in the area of orientation, setting goals and action. When we speak about Basij, when we say these things about it and when we talk about its capabilities, we do not want to create a rival for the executive branch. This is not what we are trying to do. The executive branch has certain duties and responsibilities that it should carry out. It is its duty to do so, but Basij can help the executive branch to adopt a correct orientation and it can prevent it from making mistakes and from deviating from the correct path. And it can help it in the arena of action as well. An example is the economy of resistance which was referred to by some of the gentlemen. Basij can act like a complement. It can act like a source of hope. Some government organizations become disappointed in some areas and say, "It cannot be done!” How can it not be done? All these great tasks have been carried out. What does "It cannot be done” mean? They say, "It cannot be done!” When Basij moves ahead and when this young and pioneering force pursues its correct movement, then that disappointed and hopeless person becomes enthusiastic and full of hope .Nov 23, 2016


8. Having a Basiji spirit, a factor in victory in all arenas

There should always be a competent, vigilant and strong defense force that is prepared for hard work. This is the basiji spirit. The Army can have a basiji spirit. The Islamic Revolution's Guards Corps can have a basiji spirit. Basiji units, which have been established on this foundation, can have a basiji spirit. Governmental organizations can have a basiji spirit. The police can have a basiji spirit. The diplomatic system of the country can have a basiji spirit. If these things happen, victory will be definite and swift. This is how we should look at basijis and the basiji spirit, and we should try to strengthen this spirit as much as we can. Oct 14, 2011


9. Are the Mobilized Resistance Forces affiliated with a particular political party or wing in Iran?

Basij does not involve in partisan work. It is not one of the two, three, four political parties inside the country. Basij is the army of the Revolution. Basij belongs to the Revolution. If there is any duality, that is the duality of revolutionaries and anti-revolutionaries. Even non-revolutionary individuals can be attracted and assimilated. I believe in maximum inclusion, but with the right methods. Maximum inclusion does not mean doing whatever we want in the name of maximum inclusion. The only duality is the Revolution and anti-Revolution. Any party, any individual and any person who believes in the Revolution, who is at the service of the Revolution and who pursues the Revolution is supported by Basij. So, it is not the case that we consider Basij as part of this or that party or the third and fourth parties inside the country. This is not the case. Basij itself is an orientation. It is a great river flowing towards the goals of the Revolution.Nov 23, 2016


10. The Mobilized Resistance Forces represent an illustration of religious democracy

Basij is the embodiment of religious democracy. When we speak about religious or Islamic democracy, some people think that such democracy is only manifested at ballot boxes and through elections, those elections are only one manifestation of religious democracy. [Religious] democracy means a system which is based on religion and Islam. The masters of social life are the people themselves. Democracy means this. This is the meaning of Islamic democracy. Basij is the manifestation of religious and Islamic democracy in all arenas. If Basij enters the economy, the economy becomes democratic. This is the same thing that the gentlemen in the meeting said today which is completely correct. If the economy of resistance – which I have spoken about – benefits from the power and strength of Basij, it becomes a democratic economy of resistance. The same is true of science. The same is true of various social achievements. The same is true of politics. The manifestation of religious democracy is Basij. Nov 23, 2016

The presence of Basij means the presence of the people. When Basij is present somewhere, it means that the people of Iran are present there. As I said, Basij is a sample and manifestation of the people of Iran. It is a sample and sign of the people of Iran. Of course, it is evident that this presence is for the sake of defending ideals, values, and revolutionary and national identity. It is for the sake of helping our people and our country to reach the points which they deserve, which they have formulated in the shade of the Revolution and on which they are moving forward. The presence of Basij means this. It should defend. Nov 25, 2015

11. There is no gender, ethnic, or language limitation among Mobilized Forces

Today the Basij is an impressive and brilliant truth in our country, and it is unparalleled. Both males and females, people from different age groups, adolescents, youth, middle-aged and old people and people from different occupations - including students, seminarians, professors, teachers, laborers, farmers and businessmen - have joined the Basij from across the country. That is to say, there is no occupational, gender-based, ethnic or linguistic border. In this gathering, for example, there are Azeris, Kurds, Lors, Persians, Baluchis and different other Iranian ethnicities. The same is true about all parts of the country. The Basij is an organized and structured organization that has a goal, and it enjoys such impressive scope, variety, quantity and faithful quality that are not observed in other organizations. Nov 25, 2010


12. The Mobilized Resistance Forces bring dignity to the country and the establishment

Basij is a source of dignity for the country and the Islamic Republic. Why? It is because the meaning of Basij is the presence of all the people in arenas of fundamental activities for the sake of the people and the country. Any government that has people by its side and any country in which the people show their presence and move towards a specific direction will definitely achieve victory. This is completely clear. Countries receive a blow and they are defeated whenever the people are not present on the scene or whenever they do not have unity of action. Whenever the people are present on the scene and whenever there is unity among them, victory and progress will be certain. Basij is the example of such presence. Basij is the manifestation of the presence of the people on the scene and the unity of the people. Nov 20, 2013

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