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Publish Date : 02 January 2019 - 10:41  ,  
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The meaning of US withdrawal from Syria

Tehran (Basirat): US President Donald Trump has just announced that his troops will leave Syria. The decision has made many reactions inside and outside of the United States, and two top officials of US administration resigned.

The meaning of US withdrawal from Syria
In this regard, Zionist authorities have not evaluated the Americans' decision as a favorable to withdraw their troops from Syria. But the departure of the US military from Syria is not merely the decision of Trump; it is an US administration decision. In other words, it's a symptom that indicate failure of US. The adoption of such decisions by the Americans is recorded many times in history. Today, US is talking about the departure of American troops from the Syria. So this is not a debate that only concerns the Trump administration, it relates to the general status of the United States. Americans have come to the conclusion that today their methods in the governance of the world are not accountable and US instruments are not practical on political and military oversight of developments in the West Asia region, while there have been many innovations on the front side of the United States. The front side of the US has made great victory in both national and regional coalitions as well as in international affairs, especially in the area of security and politics, and the United States has missed the boat.
Trump’s tweet on the withdrawal of American forces from Syria should be examined in several respects:
1. The withdrawal of American forces from Syria is indicative of the withdrawal of US troops from the region. In other words, the main focus of US power in the West Asian region is to focus on military power, the military withdrawal from Syria means the failure of the United States in entire of West Asia region. Of course, this is not just a military withdrawal; it can also result in political and economic withdrawal and other areas.
2. Today, Zionist regime need foreign support more than ever, while the Zionist regime's relations with Europe are not in a good position, and moreover, Europeans have gone out of the region for many years, except for diplomatic relations and signing of arms contracts. . For example, in the developments in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and ... the effective presence of Europe is not seen and its impact has reached almost zero. The relationship between the Zionist regime and the Russians has went in darkness over the past few years, and Russian presence in Syria and their interaction with the resistance front have made this issue clear to Zionists that they cannot rely on the Russians' help. Therefore, the Zionist regime relies solely on the presence and support of the United States in the region. But announcing US withdrawal from Syria don’t mean lifting US support for the Zionist regime.
3. The third issue is the resistance front axis. The United States announces its withdrawal from Syria, whereas, Islamic Republic of Iran has maintained its presence in Syria despite high pressure. This means that the front of the arrogance system with American-centered base against the resistance front and Iran front have failed and have left the land. This issue will not only be a victory and achievement of the resistance front and the Islamic Republic of Iran, but will also affect the situation of the dependent countries of the United States in this region and will face them with plenty of problems.
By: Dr Sadollah Zarei
Source :ssweekly.ir