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Publish Date : 15 May 2019 - 14:34  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): Iranian researchers at Islamic Azad University of Tabriz produced special smart shoes to reduce the problems resulting from diabetic foot.
Iranian Scientists Produce Smart Shoes to Decrease Diabetic Foot Problems
"The smart orthopedic shoes can measure the pressures on different parts of the foot and warn the user if the pressure exceeds the standard levels to change his/her situation or standing or walking position," said Meisam Amini, one of the Iranian researchers working in the project, on Wednesday.

He added that lowering the chances for foot wounds and foot dismembering in diabetic people, and enhancing treatment quality and increasing the efficiency of the patients are among the advantages of the shoes.

Amini said that the invention has been patented and won the second award of the international inventions competition in Switzerland in 2019.

A diabetic foot is a foot that exhibits any pathology that results directly from diabetes mellitus or any long-term (or "chronic") complication of diabetes mellitus.

In a recent relevant development, Iranian researchers used nanotechnology to produce highly-efficient dressings for wounds resulting from diabetes and burning.

The bandage produced by bacterial cellulose nanofibers heals the diabetes and burning wounds more rapidly compared to other dressings.

The wound dressing has already passed tests on animals and will enter the market soon after receiving the needed license from the Food and Drug Administration of Iran.


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