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Publish Date : 21 May 2019 - 14:08  ,  
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U.S. warmongering against Iran: The cries of a featherless eagle.

Tehran (Basirat) :For the past forty years the Government and people of the Islamic Republic of Iran have never seen a logical and honest approach from American regime both Democrats and Republicans.

U.S. warmongering against Iran: The cries of a featherless eagle.


The U.S. regime always manifests its extremely dubious methods through illegal sanctions and promotions of visible war tendency threats. Presently, they are trying to intimidate the Iranian society by combining the threat of military machine to the sanctions in order to impose Iranian nation into another unreliable negotiating table. Trump conspired with the behests of the Zionist lobby and Saudi monarchy regimes has torn up a global treaty (JCPOA) which was already in practice under the supervision of the Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

His provocative decision to label and designate IRGC as a FTO; hostile multilateral sanctions; deploying aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf; ramping up belligerent anti-Iran rhetoric; abundant war literature; war-formation in the region; increasing pressures and threats are all nothing but psychological warfare project. Adopting all these hostile anti-Iran “maximum pressure campaign” policies and beating the drums of war by Trump’s administration is an utterly sterile effort to force steadfast Iranian nation into a new negotiations.

The regime's failure in Iraq, Syria, Sudan and other countries has already proven the fact that America in many aspects is in decline, thus must fully aware of the consequential risks involved in its brinkmanship policy and is not fit to get tough on Iran. Threatening of waging an imminent war with regional power such as Iran is a dangerous illusion which advocates by its notorious allies Israeli and Saudi regimes and will lead to definite failure just like Iraq’s Saddam and the ISIS terrorism. Definitely without Iranian efforts to reinvigorate campaign on terrorism, ISIS which was born out of the ashes of the American invasion of Iraq would still have a formidable presence in both Iraq and Syria and the butterfly effects could have been much more destructive than it is today.

Apparently, in the current situation, America's decision due to its political and military utter stalemate and inability to confront rival powers in the region, Resistance Movement in particular are based on neither strategy nor from the position of power. They are trying to gain back what they lost through conditional negotiation and irresponsible blustering diplomacy out of frustration. But the brave, patriotic, and hard-working Iranians will never be bullied by a featherless eagle that has no ground to land and if U.S. regime strike out militarily against Iran then should expect a devastating and furious response that would be a grave miscalculation on their part.

The Iranian society regard U.S. as being an untrustworthy hawkish regime that have no respect neither to any international law nor any multilateral or bilateral international treaty. American utterly repellent confrontation with the Iranian nation for the past forty years has brought the public opinions both politically and historically into a consensus maturity that never should trust the irrational statesmen of United States and they are also well prepared to overcome any further psychological warfare. The only way to defeat the American non-democratic, arrogant colonizing regime is to resist firmly and rely on anti-oppression & anti-imperialism approaches. The final point is that the Iranian people will never negotiate for their rights, all knowing the fact that America will never dare and do not have the ability to wage a war against their land. In case of any attack they are fully ready to become offensive in order to wrap up once and for all the fictitious might of the American military regime.

By Dr. Ali Hassan Heidari