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TEHRAN (FNA)- Head of the sports and women commission of the National Olympic Committee of Iran (NOC) Mahin Farhadizadeh said on Saturday that Iran will hold a conference on “Women, Sports, and Gender Equality” in November.
Iran to Hold First Conference on Gender Equality in Sports
Farhadizadeh said that the conference will be the first of its kind in the country, adding that the event will be organized sometime in November in Tehran.

She added that the conference aims to discuss the latest scientific and research findings on women’s sports and address challenges and ways to further improve the field.

According to her, the conference will also tackle issues such as “culture of women’s sports society”, “women and sports for all”, and “women and international sports.”

She also noted that Iran will host the women's sports commission meeting 2019 Asia, adding that they are now waiting for a response on the scheduled date for the event.

In January, first International Congress on Sports Law was held in Tehran with top female activists in the area participating in the event.

The sole Iranian member of the CAS Parand Azizi said that the Presence of members of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) and Women in Sports Law (WISLAW) in Tehran was a turning point in Iran’s sports history.

The two-day International Congress on Sports Law was held upon the initiative undertaken by National Olympic Committee of Iran and cooperation offered by WISLAW.

The presence of top sports women in Tehran contributed to develop sports law in the country, Azizi said.

She further introduced WISLAW as an association registered in Switzerland in 2016.

As Azizi said, members of the WISLAW are female legal advisors of CAS or women active in sports law.


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