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Publish Date : 05 July 2019 - 12:08  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): The merciless attacks by the Nigerian military on Nigeria's Islamic Movement in December 2015 has left an unhealed wound on the Nigerian society.

The barbaric and inhuman attacks, which were instigated and are still being sponsored by the Saudi regime, are intended to eliminate the only voice that speaks the truth.

The plan is to assassinate Sheikh Zakzaky and his entire family. However, they don't know that Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers are the "students of Karbala". They also follow Imam Khomeini who slapped the West on the face and was the only person who taught the world how to disobey the arrogant powers.

And now the West is realizing that Sheikh Zakzaky is the second Khomeini of his era, so they want to eliminate his ideology.

The Zaria genocide in December 2015 was their ultimate plan but they woefully failed. After that, they have kept both the ailing Sheikh and his wounded wife in their Gulag without trial.

The Islamic Movement sued the Nigerian government, demanding the freedom of the sheikh and his wife. Finally, a federal court in Abuja issued a verdict that the Sheikh and his wife must be released unconditionally and be paid N25 million each.

But till this date, Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife are held in custody illegally.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife’s health conditions have continued to deteriorate since the 2015 attack.

Months ago, health experts from foreign countries were invited to investigate the sheikh's health condition. At the end, they made a final report. 

Part of the report says the sheikh suffers from severe visual impairment in the right eye that can inevitably lead to permanent blindness.

It also said the Sheik’s left eye is completely absent.

Furthermore, the report said, symptoms of heavy metal poisoning were also observed. The heavy metal investigations conducted revealed extremely high concentrations of lead & cadmium in his blood, the reported added.

However, instead of complying with the doctors’ suggestions, the authorities are now trying to exterminate the ailing Sheikh and his wife via poisonous apple. They are always sending their agent with poisoned apple to where the sheikh is kept in their Gulag.

We are telling the general public and the Nigerian government that we won't tolerate this kind of inhuman and barbaric act.


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