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Publish Date : 16 September 2019 - 00:40  ,  
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When Tel Aviv crosses the red lines

TEHRAN(Basirat): A review of Zionist regime’s recent actions and its military aggression against the Axis of Resistance in the region shows that these attacks and aggressions have been intensified over the recent days against Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Palestine, indicating that the Zionist regime and its allies such as U.S. have crossed the red lines.

According to a Syrian security source, the Zionist regime recently bombarded a military base in Al Bukamal in eastern Syria through the Jordan airspace and with the assistance of Americans and their military base in Al-Tanf. The source added that the U.S. and the Zionist regime are responsible for these adversarial actions.

The source said, “They have crossed the red lines. This military base belonged to the Syrian army and was under construction when it was attacked by the Zionist regime. We teach aggressors a lesson that they will never forget.”

Previously, some sources had reported about the Israeli air raids on the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) forces near the Iraq borders. These sources declared that the bombings were carried out inside the Al Bukamal, pointing out that these attacks were carried out five times at the intervals less than one minute.

Popular Mobilization Units’ military positions have also been targeted by suspicious fires that have caused extensive damages. While government officials said that these fires caused by unidentified air raids, Israel and the U.S. are in charge for this aggressive action. 

The Hezbollah base in Syria was recently targeted by the Zionist regime, in which two Hezbollah resistance forces were martyred, and in a quick response, Hezbollah targeted the Zionist regime’s armored vehicle at the border.

Occasional attacks of the Israeli fighter jets against the Palestinian resistance forces’ positions, including Hamas, have intensified in various parts of Gaza in recent days.

These attacks are being carried out while Resistance forces are not indifferent, and they show their readiness to respond to the Zionist regime’s aggression.

In this regard, Palestinian resistance forces managed to shoot down an Israeli drone in eastern Rafah, south of Gaza. The Zionist regime’s army confirmed in a statement that drone was shot down in the south of the Gaza Strip. Hezbollah forces also succeeded to shoot down an Israeli spy drone over the past few days. Israeli forces affirmed the downing of the drone by Lebanese resistance fighters.

Today, political groups in Iraq want to seriously react to occasional attacks of the Israeli forces against PMU positions in the country, as the Fatah Alliance responded to the Zionist regime’s attacks and emphasized that it should react to the attacks.

The intensification of the aggressive attacks against the positions of Resistance forces in the region, as the Israeli regime’s parliamentary election approaches, indicates that the regime’s officials, and above all, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, are trying to show that they can deal with Resistance groups in the region and carry out their threats against them through propaganda campaigns. Therefore, the residents of the occupied territories should not worry about attacks by these groups and ensure their security with a vote for Netanyahu and his party.

The Israeli attacks against Resistance forces in the region are carried out after the terrible defeat of the Zionist regime in the face of Hezbollah missile strikes, so Netanyahu seeks to attack other positions of the Resistance forces to underplay this terrible defeat in the minds of the Zionists. Of course, the attack on an empty base which was under construction in Syria indicates that the Zionist regime intended to carry out a propaganda show at home.

The significant point in reviewing the Zionist regime’s attacks on Resistance groups’ positions is that these groups are not indifferent about these attacks anymore, and given the recent remarks by Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah secretary general, “the rules of the game in the region have changed and we will react properly to any attack.”

Netanyahu appears to be in the midst of many crises that have forced him to try hard to gain a reputation for himself and the Likud party. Netanyahu's inability in forming a new cabinet due to internal disputes with his opponents, Yisrael Beiteinu party leader Avigdor Lieberman and Blue-White coalition leader Benny Gantz, , along with extensive accusation of corruption against him and his wife Sarah Netanyahu for bribery and use of government facilities coupled with the Resistance groups’ solid response to the Israeli aggressions that has spread to the occupied territories, as well as increasing dissatisfaction of settlers due to lack of security altogether led to an escalation of Tel Aviv’s military attacks against the Resistance positions in the region.

The Zionist regime should know that the Resistance groups from Syria to Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq can launch thousands of missiles and rockets at any moment at the occupied territories and Tel Aviv, and the Zionist leaders, given that they are under siege, have to reconsider their calculation and plan for military attacks against the position of these groups, especially when Hassan Nasrallah said that the rules of the game have changed in the region and they will respond properly to any aggression. So, Tel Aviv should not make the Resistance groups to do so, because it will not end well for the Zionists.

Source: TehranTimes