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TEHRAN(Basirat): The 365-meter (1,198 ft) long Meshginshahr Bridge is one of the world's largest sidewalks and the largest suspension bridge in the Middle East, crossing which can become the most unforgettable thrill of life. This bridge is located at a height of 80 meters above the Sabalan slope, crosses the Khiav River and above the Khyavachai Valley and Meshginshahr Forest Park in Ardebil province and is of high level of safety and engineering.


Meshginshahr Bridge: Longest suspension bridge in Middle East
Meshginshahr Bridg


The original bridge (Meshginshahr suspension Bridge) as the longest footbridge of the world was built in 2015 and designed and led by Eng. Mahmoud Ganjalibeyk and Eng. Ali Ganjali-beyk.


Meshginshahr suspension Bridge is the first suspension bridge in Iran and the idea was developed by Eng. Ganjalibeyk, Drawing inspiration from the Vancouver Canal Bridge in Vancouver, Canada, he designed this bridge with the eye-catching beauty of the lush valley.


The bridge was built by local experts and local engineers, and the knowledge of its construction is native.


The bridge is part of the Khyavatgird Tourism Complex and has been constructed on a land of 130 hectares. Khyavatgird Tourism rea is the biggest tourism project in Ardebil province. This tourism complex includes reception halls, accommodation suites, ballooning, and air sports, restaurants and handicraft markets, amusement parks and various other amenities.


The surface of part of this suspension bridge, which is among the top ten structures of Iranian architecture in the field of tourism is made of glass (polycarbonate and Sécurité ) and the rest of it is made of polymer and composite materials with high resistance to moisture and fire.

And impact and pressure have been used along with lightning and anemometers, motion control sensors and resonant dampers. The strength of the bridge has the capacity to cross more than three thousand people.


As you pass through this structure (bridge), you will find yourself in the midst of a lush valley that flows through the Khiav River and above the Khyavachai Valley. You can stay on this bridge and enjoy the scenery around the tall and magnificent staircase and feel the excitement of the moment you reach the glass part of the bridge.


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