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Publish Date : 26 November 2019 - 23:20  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): Now that the chaos and violence in Iran has died down, some US politicians have jumped into the fray with their human rights shenanigans to try to stir up more disorder and sustain violence.
Why the US Fears a Peaceful Iran?

They fear a peaceful Iran. The more chaotic and paralyzed Iran is, the better for them. This shows that the priority for many elites in the US is to try to use violence to suppress Iran’s development. If Iran is plunged into a state of chaos and disorder, it would lose its place as a reliable global energy supplier, which would lead to a flight of highly educated and skilled elites from the country. Ultimately, this constrains Iran’s economic progress.

This is while violent protesters' actions cannot be condoned by any civilized society. Blocking roads prevents emergency services, such as fire and ambulance, from reaching vulnerable people in need. Also, the disruption of the economy and the destruction of public property are against the interests of all people in Iran. The police have acted in a highly professional and restrained manner when dealing with the violence.

Using criticism from anti-Iran media and governments to restrain the Iranian police from taking legitimate law enforcement actions is part of the violent protesters' playbook. The police have been accused of using excessive force. It is amazing how the anti-Iran media barely report the taking to the streets of millions of Iranians over the past few days to condemn violence and vandalism. This kind of pro-establishment demonstrations are given blanket media coverage.

This is because there is an agenda being followed by the Western and anti-Iran media to demonize the Iranian government. The choice of language used by the media is quite deliberate. It is to manufacture a certain perception, rather than reporting facts in a neutral way.

Violent protesters took advantage of this, trying to restrain law enforcement, and giving free rein to their violent actions against the police, the public and property. Had activities such as throwing petrol bombs, destruction of property and attacks on civilians and journalists occurred in the US or in Europe, the police would have been sterner and stronger in their response.

Since the violent acts are against the interests of the people of Iran, it raises the question of whose interests the violent protesters are acting in? Their actions play into the hands of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia who want to constrain Iran’s development.

The US and its regional allies are hypocritical in many aspects of their attacks on Iran. They tell foreign countries "don't meddle in our political affairs" while meddling in Iran’s affairs. The "national security interest" and "human rights and democracy" are weaponized against Iran because it challenges US hegemony.

By imposing sanctions on Iranian people and officials, the US has lost all moral credibility. The people of Iran have the wisdom and foresight not to succumb to this strategy. They know that unlike during the violent protests, election is where protesters and non-protesters will be gathered together.

Yet, this doesn't mean that Iranians, like any other nation, do not have their grievances and complaints. Even those who have been appearing in vast rallies across the country in the last week to show their trust and support for the establishment were carrying placards that they reserve their right of complaint against President Rouhani's economic plans and policies, but when it comes to security and threats to the establishment, they would not hesitate to prioritize their state over their own personal interests. That was the message of the massive rally held in Tehran on Monday.

For those who refuse to make their political preference public, election is the only time when their voices would be heard and be effective in making a social change. Their votes boost their confidence in the system. Those in the West who believe they can halt or slow Iran’s development and progress need to come up with a new design.


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