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Publish Date : 21 January 2020 - 23:24  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): The British Treasury, which had previously listed the military wing of Hezbollah as Terrorist, expanded the scope of its asset-freezing measures against the movement.

The move by Britain can be examined from several aspects:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is currently in critical political and economic conditions, seeks to divert public opinion from domestic crises in the country by creating global unrest.

Paying bribes by the regional Arab states, especially Saudi Arabia, to the Western countries has become a factor that determines the behavior of some countries like the U.S., France and Britain. The recent move by the U.K. against Hezbollah can also be examined in the same context.

In the current situation, Hezbollah plays an important role in the Lebanese political and security stability. Therefore, it can be concluded that U.K. action is in fact intervention in Lebanese domestic affairs aimed at obstructing the process of government establishment and making the country insecure against Israeli aggressions and plunder of the country’s oil, gas and water resources.

The noticeable point is that Hezbollah has been practically a part of Lebanon’s political structure for years by its presence in the parliament and cabinet, so the boycott of Hezbollah means the boycott of Lebanon.

 British officials, who has virtually no place in the EU because of Brexit, with the aim of obtaining U.S. economic support, have set their foreign policy in line with the policy of the White House and have in fact become a puppet in U.S. hands.

Britain’s action can be seen a follow-up of the recent moves by the government against the Resistance Front and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Widespread sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE and participating in their invasion into Yemen, backing the assassination of the commanders of the resistance movement at Baghdad airport, planning and preparing the ground to activate “trigger mechanism” focused on Trump's 12-article plan against Iran, supporting U.S. new sanctions against Tehran, condemning Iran’s retaliatory operation following the assassination of commander Soleimani, and finally listing Hezbollah as terrorist are just few examples hostile moves by Britain.

Given Hezbollah significant role in the fight against terrorism, boycotting the movement can be regarded as another aspect of Britain’s obvious support for terrorism, which reveals the British inhuman nature more than ever.  

The British behavior indicates the fact that all crises in the Western and Southwestern Asia are rooted in the interventions by the hegemonic system. The only way to put an end on this situation is to form a global unity to expel foreigners out if the region, a move which will result in stability and security. 

Source: TehranTimes

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