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Publish Date : 08 February 2020 - 23:34  ,  
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TEHRAN(Basirat): A spokesman for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement rejected the so-called deal of the century as a nonstarter, saying the Zionist regime is nearing defeat and downfall.
Islamic Jihad: Israel Verging on Collapse

In an interview with Tasnim, Musab al-Breim said the Palestinian Islamic Jihad is strictly opposed to the deal of the century on the basis of resistance and the sacrifices made by the Palestinian fighters.

“We’ll prove that this (Zionist) regime is a shaky and hollow entity that is unable to defend either itself or the residents of the (Israeli) settlements,” Breim said, stressing that there is no future in the “arrogant” plot proposed by the US.

The Zionist regime is driving the US into downfall and moral collapse, and will disclose Washington’s support for terrorism and plundering of the assets of the region, the spokesman stressed.

The fates of the Zionist regime and the US are interrelated, and the Islamic Jihad is confident that Israel will face defeat and breakdown in the face of regional nations’ resistance, Breim underlined.

He further denounced the deal of the century as a plot that has ignored the Arabic and Islamic rights and has treated al-Quds as a merchandise.

“Our nation cannot pin hopes on delusions… The Palestinians have a right to employ whatever is necessary to counter the Zionist plot,” the spokesman added, pointing to the advances in the Palestinian struggles and the gradual transformation from rocks to rifles and missiles.

On January 28, US President Donald Trump unveiled his long-delayed Middle East plan, a proposal Palestinian leaders called a “conspiracy” that “will not pass”.

Following Trump’s announcement, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said “a thousand no's to the plan.

The American plan has sparked widespread international condemnation.

The deal of century ploy, fronted by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, had already been rejected by the Palestinians, who say the White House's policies have been blatantly biased in favor of Israel.


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