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Publish Date : 26 February 2020 - 18:13  ,  
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Iran to Produce 15 Million Nano-Masks amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Tehran (Basirat) :Secretary of the Nanotechnology Headquarters of Iran says an agreement has been reached to produce 15 million N94 and N99 nano-masks in collaboration with the ministry of health and two manufacturing companies in the country.
 Saeed Sarkar said high filtration is the most important feature of N94 and N99 masks, adding that a few countries have the capability of producing N99 masks.
“The Ministry of Health provides special masks (N94) and (N99) because of their high safety and protection to the medical staff of hospitals that are in direct contact with infected or suspected persons,” he underlined.
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Sarkar added that only the United States, Europe and Iran can make these masks.
“Even Japan, Britain and Germany are not capable of producing these masks, and our machines are of such quality that we have sold them to South Korea, Malaysia, Czech Republic,” he continued.