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Publish Date : 01 April 2020 - 16:59  ,  
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Enemies' first mistake will be their last: warns IRGC

TEHRAN(Basirat): In a statement on Tuesday, IRGC warned that even one little mistake taken by the evil and adventurous enemies at any point against the Islamic Republic of Iran will be their last mistake.
Enemies' first mistake will be their last: warns IRGC"The Islamic Republic's responses will be definite and devastating and will not even give them the opportunity to express their regret," the statement said.
It underlined that presently, Iran's influence has been developed to areas broader than west Asia and the issue is a nightmare for the US, Israel regime and their allies.
With its discourse relied on seeking justice and fighting arrogant powers, the Islamic Republic has reduced the role of the US, Israel and their allies in global strategic arenas, it added. 
The statement was released on the occasion of Farvardin 12 on the Persian calendar, which falls on April 1 in normal years and March 31 in leap years, as the anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran.