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Publish Date : 07 April 2020 - 23:29  ,  
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COVID-19, an uninvited guest who helped us cherish our planet, family more

TEHRAN(Basirat): The widespread outbreak of the coronavirus has created a new situation in the human world. From political troubles and disputes to the humankind’s potential vulnerability to confront nature, and the increasing importance of science in human life, are part of changes and hints caused by the introduction of the virus into modern human life.

So far, over 1.12 million people have been infected with the virus worldwide, and more than 60,000 died, something rare and perhaps unprecedented for at least this century, most importantly, it has involved the whole world. 

In fact, most of the world's population has experienced this phenomenon, and COVID-19 may later become the only memory shared by all humans on the earth. It is better to say that this is the common pain of the world since no identification is required to understand what is going on in the world these days, it is not required to put ourselves in the shows of people around the country to understand this, because almost all people around the world breath under the white masks for an hour or a few minutes or days to stay immune against this virus. 

The question is whether Corona or any other factor threatening human life in this way will produce a strange but tangible result. As slogans like “no to luxury” are becoming a reality these days, we further understand that food and water are the human's basic needs, and how foolishly humans spend the life collecting, thinking, and spending energy for things that are never a part of their needs and well-being and a factor of happiness.

The human being has sacrificed the principle of life that is to provide comfort, health, and spiritual evolution, to some sub-principles that are less felt these days.

The phenomenon showed us that the powerful hand of nature treats all human beings in the same way, regardless of color, race, wealth, power, and we may need to learn from COVID-19 that human beings are equal even in facing the disease.

The world of a person who thinks him/herself as superior and the most powerful and influential one is thoroughly destroyed at once by a virus that is nothing in weight or size.
Another point is that this phenomenon caused us to distinguish more value to our home and family. The human endeavor and concerns to the families and friends proved that though by living in the turbulent twenty-first century and having terrific jobs we are seemingly far apart from each other. We demonstrated that the greatest and most valuable asset of the human is the family.

And interestingly, healthy people have a sense of responsibility for the sick person in most diseases, however, both the infected person and the healthy person are responsible to each other these days. Perhaps most of our effort to avoid carrying the virus is based on the fact that we do not want to infect another person or hurt our loved ones. 
As you know, a carrier person can make many people sick or even cause them to die. Phenomenon, accident, current, pandemic or anything that we can call this uninvited guest in the earth these days, in addition to the death of human beings, dropping of many businesses, the sudden shutdown of human lives, brought the blessings to nature and the earth. Nature and the air have been polluted every day since at least the world's industrialization, and the tired lungs of the earth have been filled with infection by the selfish human hands every day. Now, we may perhaps better understand the earth these days, and believe that the earth also wants to take out the mask taken for years for a few days and breathe. 

Indeed, the peoples of the world must quarantine themselves so that the earth becomes refresh for a few days. It may possibly help us be more careful about the earth, nature and the atmosphere.

The coronavirus pandemic is shutting down industrial activity and temporarily slashing air pollution levels around the world, satellite imagery from the European Space Agency shows. One expert said the sudden shift represented the “largest-scale experiment ever” in terms of the reduction of industrial emissions.

Readings from ESA’s Sentinel-5P satellite show that over the past six weeks, levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over cities and industrial clusters in Asia and Europe were markedly lower than in the same period last year.

In the end, dealing with this phenomenon all depends on us that be scared and think it is the end of the world and that we are all going to die by this virus or be patient and know that these days are just like the bad days we passed in life. Because this phenomenon and crisis are abundantly found in the records of human life, and the human beings passed through the crises by diligence and empathy and proper management of their lives proportionate to global management.

This is the best time to think and learn, the time when the people from the most ordinary ones to politicians and policymakers in society must learn from their mistakes for a better living.

We all know that Corona is a major global catastrophe taking the lives of thousands of people every day based on the statistics and charts that we observe on mobile phones or in the media, the numbers each representing a man, a wish, a family, a father, a wife, a mother, an identity and a love. Nevertheless, I want to say that this can be a teacher or a university for us to learn from, to remember things we have forgotten, and to know that it will be comforting after every hardship and know that the world and nature will be nothing without the noble human.

Source: TehranTimes