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Publish Date : 17 April 2020 - 23:46  ,  
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Iran on Verge of Containing COVID-19 in Majority of Provinces: Minister

TEHRAN(Basirat):Iran’s Minister of Health Saeed Namaki said his organization is on the verge of curbing the novel coronavirus epidemic in most of the country’s provinces.
Iran on Verge of Containing COVID-19 in Majority of Provinces: Minister

In a letter in response to a critical op-ed article in an Iranian newspaper, Namaki said the Health Ministry proudly announces that the heavy wave of coronavirus pandemic has been managed across the country, noting, “We are on the verge of containing and controlling (the disease) in the majority of provinces.”

The minister also highlighted Iran’s successful handling of the coronavirus in comparison with the serious harms that the pandemic has done to the world equipped with money, technology and tools, stressing that the Islamic Republic owes its success to the employment of scientific methods to handle the disease, the public cooperation and people’s move to observe the health tips and stay home, the social distancing program, the national mobilization initiative in the fight against coronavirus, and the medical society’s devotion to duty.

Namaki also noted that the Health Ministry is constantly monitoring the effects of the gradual reopening of businesses on the number of new infection cases and fatalities, stressing that the previous restrictions will be immediately enforced again as soon as any negative impact on the management of the epidemic is noticed. 

“We believe that no phenomenon has more destructive impacts on the country’s economic, social, political and cultural factors than the prolongation of the disease,” the minister stated.

While more than 52,000 patients have fully recovered from the coronavirus across Iran, the Health Ministry announced on Thursday that the daily death toll from COVID-19 infection in the country has dropped for the third day in a row.

More than 310,000 coronavirus diagnostic tests have been carried out in Iran as of Thursday.