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Tehran (Basirat) :Political analyst DR Yadollah Javani , in an opinion published by Sobeh Sadegh,wrote: " The 100,000 capacity Azadi Stadium experienced the great gathering of "The Service by Mobilized Forces" where tens thousands of young, pious, faithful & revolutionary Basij forces have participated in this ceremony. The consequence of first great gathering was great victory in the holy defense which 100000 Basij forces of Mohammad Rasool-allah(PBUH) participated on that gathering in December 3 1986. Surely the second attendance and this great gathering that occurred on 4th October 2018, will be greater victory that is on the way.

The promise of a Big Slap to the United States
The supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution addressed these two epic attendances with 32 year time-distance: "The crowd of 100,000 here is a reminder of the crowd of 100,000 for whom I made a speech here in the late 1980s; once my speech was done, they left for the war fronts and brought about great victories for the country. And you dear youth, God willing, will be victorious and successful in the fields of science and economic movement, and entrepreneurship, in the fields of individual and teamwork as well as efforts in the field of social and cultural networking, in the required fire-at-will zones of action, and everywhere else.”
Now the most important question is what is the biggest victory despite the current condition and what is guaranteeing-factor for achieving it? The supreme leader in a short phrase mentioned the main factors which is guaranteeing victory-achievements. He stressed: "the gist of my speech today represents 1st, Iran’s majesty; 2nd, Islamic Republic’s sovereignty; and 3rd Iranian nation’s invincibility.” Yeah. These three important features have grounds, causes and factors & cause achieving great victories for Iranian nation during the last forty years.
The focal point of the supreme leader’s statements in great gathering of tens of thousands of Basij members (Mobilized Forces) in this historical day was addressing audiences especially youth to mentioned features and valuable facts. The emphasis of imam khamenei is because of enemy’s efforts to divert this facts on people and especially youth mind.
Ayatollah Khamenei avowed about these very three unique features: "These are not only some superficial slogans, like the slogans some others chant. These are facts that Iran’s enemies wish the Iranian people don't recognize, or ignore them and think otherwise about themselves and their country. But these facts are too obvious to be denied.”
In spite of these facts that emphasized in supreme leader speeches, which victory must be achieved to defeat the enemy? Absolutely the victory must take place in a field in which the greatest hostile, criminal US, count on it.
The supreme leader addresses the arena as follow: "after carrying out extensive research, the enemy has resorted to sanctions in order to confront the Islamic Republic. This means that other paths are blocked to him. They have no option other than economic sanctions and other paths are blocked.”
Thus, economic war is the main and critical area between Islamic revolution front and Arrogance front. that is why US president Donald Trump under the victory delusion in this subject and either defeating the revolution and ruining the Islamic republic of Iran or submitting Iranian nation by economic war
According to such delusions he (Trump) said his European partners wait for two, three months, the Islamic Republic will be overthrowed. The wise leader of Islamic revolution referring to the enemy wishes mentioned that this wishes and dreams remind the folklore poem: "Yet, this miserable man (Trump) bids himself and his European counterparts wishful thinking that, wait for two to three months. This reminds me of the folklore poem: Camel’s dream of cotton seeds; they see themselves eating sometimes a mouthful, sometimes seed by seed.”
Forty-year-old resistance of Iranian nation along continual victories on the one hand and dropping the US power and continual defeats of US on the other hand give us the hope of certain victory of Iranian nation in economic war on the basis of country facts. The supreme leader describes the fact as follow: "economic sanctions are more vulnerable than our national economy. Our national economy can defeat sanctions, and, by Allah’s favor and grace, we will defeat sanctions, and defeating sanctions means defeating the US. The US should receive yet another slap in the face by the Iranian nation with the defeat of sanctions.”
Noteworthy that many of international news agencies like the Washington Post, the Associated Press, Reuters, Al-Maidain, Shin'va, Trend Azerbaijan, the NTDTV of India and the Arab Sputnik highlighted & published this very part the supreme leader’s statements. For example The Associated Press bolded the following statement: Iran supreme leader promises to 'slap' US, defeat sanctions.


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