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Publish Date : 08 December 2018 - 11:32  ,  
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America's dread in the West Asia region

Tehran (Basirat) : Political analyst DR Yadollah Javani has, in an article published by Sobeh Sadegh, asserted "The behavior of the United States governors along the past years and nowadays indicates a reality. The main part of the reality is deep fear and worry to the global changes especially in the Islamic world. The events which began by the Islamic Revolution and emergence of the Islamic Republic inside Iran geography. Its 40 years passed since Islamic Revolution victory and through four decades the USA rulers’s fear and their allies has been grown day by day toward the Islamic world procedures and specially the strategic region of western Asia.

America's dread in the West Asia region
The basic question is: What does the US afraid of?
In a word; the Americans are afraid of Muslims and oppressed awareness across the whole world. Yes, Muslim nations are on the eve of awaking and are awake from neglected sleep that affected them hundreds of years.
The Islamic awakening first took place in Iran and its consequence was liberation of Iranians and Iran territory from Domination of arrogance and arrogance of the US. Since the Islamic Revolution victory and formation of the Islamic Republic in Iran, the US and its allies applied all the power for overthrowing the revolution and newly established religious government in Iran. They knew it well if Iranian nation movement stabilizes and Institutionalizes by the Islamic Revolution; it will prompt and motivate the other Muslim nations.
At this time after 40 years 3 major trends is seen.
1- Islamic Republic is traversing through power development and catching a strategic depth in the region and has inspiring role for other nations. Actually the sapling which the Americans intended to eradicate during 40 years now turned into a robust tree with strong roots.
2-Islamic Revolution has become a trend and a phenomenon in the Muslim world, affecting all nations and has located them in the awakening path. The signs of this Islamic Awakening is more visible in some areas of the world. What recognized as "Islamic Resistance Axes” in western Asia is the consequence of the same Islamic Awakening. Islamic Resistance axes developed by the Islamic Revolution is an undeniable reality. Now it has been transformed to the biggest Islamic international force from eastern coast of Mediterranean to the Red sea and the Gulf of Aden with a geographic continuum.
Resistance Axes in the region is the yield of the Islamic Awakening and the political Islamic revival. The prominent symbols of this trend can be studied by certain titles like Hezbollah and Ansarullah in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, and the occupied territories of Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Bahrain. Islamic Republic has a pivotal and Inspirational role for Muslim and even non-Muslim people in awakening route. This role can be studied and considered in different direction.
Islamic Unity Conference has been held in Tehran In lately days and dominant figures of the Islamic world participated in the meeting. What performed in this meeting indicates rapid procedure of Islamic Awakening in Islamic world and linking Islamic dominations together followed this awakening.
The third trend is the decline of US power as the great devil and US is the main cause of the misery of calamity of humanity, and especially Muslims in the present age. All indicators show increasingly declining of the US power in the world, and especially in the Muslim world.
The united sates lost all privileges in Iran no sooner than the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and now they are losing their position and influence in other Islamic countries as a result of the rise of the Islamic awakening and the formation of the resistance movement.
Citing 3 mentioned trends, all expert and scholars in international affairs and politics believe that the Americans inevitably will give up the west Asia completely and leave the region to main owners, the native nations, in near future.
The nations of the region by emerged Islamic awakening are being overcome to dissensions and Division imposed by arrogant.
Islamic awakening is the introduction of the Islam Ummah unity. Islam Ummah unity has a significant role to speed up the movement of Islamic civilization centered by Islamic republic of Iran.