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Publish Date : 15 January 2019 - 22:39  ,  
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Paper: Israel Using Iranophobia to Fool Arabs

TEHRAN (Basirat): A leading Arab newspaper wrote that Israel has since years ago fooled the regional Arab states with Iranophobia and attempts to use sectarianism in the region.
Paper: Israel Using Iranophobia to Fool Arabs

The Arabic-language al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper wrote on Tuesday that certain Arab states' attempts to have close relations with Israel under the pretext of confronting Iran show their folly and lack of wisdom.

"This idea that confrontation against Iran necessarily needs unity with the Zionist regime and normalization of ties with Tel Aviv, which is merely an Israeli idea and will benefit the regime," it added.

The newspaper wrote that Israel has been for years using regional events to its benefit, and its recent success is misusing the sectarian war in the region and Iranophobia which has made certain Persian Gulf Arab states spend billions of dollars.

Israel and its key ally, the US, have launched propaganda against Iran's military development and role in the region but Tehran has always underlined the defensive nature of its military program and helped the regional states in fight against the terrorist groups.

In relevant remarks in 2017, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif dismissed Israel's concerns about Tehran's defensive program as fake Iranophobia propaganda.

"The only regime in ME with nukes, ICBMs and a history of aggression whines about Iran's means of defense. Fear-mongering hype is fake news,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter page at the time.

The Iranian foreign minister reiterated that the Israeli regime is a threat to the security in the Middle East.