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Tehran (Basirat) : Political analyst DR Yadollah Javani has, in an article published by Sobeh Sadegh , asserted “after being accused IRGC as a terrorist organization by the head of the world terrorists, Iranian people amazed the world with creating epics and admirable behaviors.MPs wore the Revolutionary Guards garments with various tendencies, speaking out about the Guards and the heads of the three branches announced the most unprecedented supports from the Revolutionary Guards”

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have 80 Million Members

Based on misconceptions about Iranian society and the situation of the Islamic Republic, The president of the United States, at the request of the Zionists, Saudis and Munafiqeen (MKO), in an unlawful act eventually put the name of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on the list of US State Department terrorist organizations.
Though Trump's action was at first sight satisfying the Zionists, Saudis and Munafiqeen (MKO), and his inclination to help Netanyahu in winning the Zionist regime election, but taking a closer look, the president of the United States is attempting to break out of a strategic deadlock in which America has been caught up in it.
Americans consider themselves as main losers of the West Asian developments in a strategic area, with all the costs and losses that they  incurred.
The unprecedented historical situation for the Islamic Republic and the current situation of Axis resistance in this region has become a nightmare for the White House leaders and all of America's strategic allies.
Assessing Americans of the rapid developments affected by the Islamic Revolution in the global strategic equivalences in various areas has made them very worried about the future of the Western liberal democracy system.
As withdrawing US from the nuclear deal and intensifying sanctions, psychological operations and a series of practical measures, the Trump team was convinced that the Islamic republic would collapse internally.
Analysis and explanations of elements of the Trump administration, such as John Bolton, that Iranians and the Islamic Republic will not witness forty years of the Islamic Revolution, is a clear proof of their childish aspirations, and misconceptions about the internal situation in Iran.
Iranians not only celebrated the fortieth birthday of the Islamic Revolution, but the wise leader of the Islamic Revolution, by issuing a strategic statement of the second step of Islamic Revolution with his scholarly and realistic look, outlined the road map for the revolution in the second forty, and led The youth of the Islamic Republic of Iran to follow the path of the Islamic Revolution to realize a new Islamic civilization.
With the declaration of the New Year (98) as the year of opportunities and openings, His Excellency gave hope to the revolutionists and the nation of Iran more than ever to a brilliant future. Obviously, under these conditions, the Americans see themselves desperate and in strategic strains  for rescuing from this situation, they try to do anything to get rid of it.
Introducing the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization was the most important move that they thought to be able to break out deadlock and change the situation! But why the IRGC? The Americans accused IRGC against all the international standards and the rules of the globe of politics on the world stage because they hate IRGC for forty years.
The Americans assess IRGC as the main cause of all their failures in front of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the Iranian nation. They assess the role of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in advancing the Islamic Revolution and forty years of it as a main function, and, in a word, they have come to the conclusion that, until the Revolutionary Guards is powerful and authoritative, damaging seriously and effectively the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Velayat-e-Faqih, Iranian nation and the resistance movement are impossible in the strategic area of West Asia.
Based on such an analysis and unlike international law and customs, Americans for the first time introduced a part of a legitimate and accepted government in the United Nations as a terrorist organization. The main purpose of the Americans is to make the difference and division in Iran, to defame the Revolutionary Guards among the people and to introduce this revolutionary institution as the main cause of all the problems of the region and the people of Iran, especially economic problems. Through this measure, the Americans wanted to induce the Iranian people the main problem in Iran is the Guards, within the framework of the psychological operations and based on deception schemes and if the Iranian nation wants to get rid of the problems, the Revolutionary Guards must change its nature and behavior! The Americans regard the Revolutionary Guards as a major obstacle for defeating Islamic Revolution.
They assess the IRGC as the main cause of Resistance and withstanding Iran's forty years against them. They assess the IRGC as the main driver of military progress, missile power, regional influence, the issuance of revolution, the ineffectiveness of sanctions and economic warfare, the neutralization of the seditions, and the emergence of a powerful resistance front in the region.
Therefore, the defeat passage of the Islamic Revolution from the perspective of Americans is passing through the Revolutionary Guards.
In order to passing IRGC, Americans chose strategy of accuse-making IRGC of a problematic terrorist organization for the Iranian nation, hoping to disgust the IRGC by the Iranian people, but meanwhile, the brave, believer and revolutionary people of Iran, with various political and sometimes non-revolutionary tendencies and tastes, came to the scene, presenting the IRGC as their red line, and standing beside the Corps.
After being accused IRGC as a terrorist organization by the head of the world terrorists, Iranian people amazed the world with creating epics and  admirable behaviors. MPs wore the Revolutionary Guards garments with various tendencies, speaking out about the Guards and the heads of the three branches announced the most unprecedented supports from the Revolutionary Guards. Various political parties and figures with different tendencies, sometimes opposed and active on the opposition front, came to the scene and presented themselves as supporters of the Revolutionary Guards.
The Secretary of Defense, who is an army chief, dressed the Guards garments and the army commander went to visit the commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards.
Newscaster of IRIB appeared in front of the camera with wearing the Corps dress, and correspondents dressed in the Corps dress and went among the crowd. Academics and clergymen gathered to support the evolutionary Guards, and Friday prayer Imams dressed in Guards uniforms gave sermon and after Friday prayer, the prayers throughout the country participated in the march to support the Revolutionary Guards.
The cyberspace was filled with hashtags, "I am a member of IRGC (sepahi) ..." And US conspiracy was nipped in the bud with the intelligence of the Iranian people to disgust the Guards in the country.
All of Iran's people with all sorts of attitudes stood up to support the Revolutionary Guards against the United States and sent the message to the enemy: What is America mind about Iran, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have 80 Million Members.

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