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Publish Date : 19 February 2019 - 15:41  ,  
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Enemies with Invalid Threats

Tehran (Basirat): Political analyst DR Yadollah Javani has, in an article published by Sobeh Sadegh, asserted "The Islamic Republic of Iran and Iranian nation have a revengeful, bully, dictatorial and greedy enemies. The global arrogance front,centered on the cruel behavior of US, is the main enemy of the Iranian nation.Freedom, justice, Islamism, independence and self-determination of Iranian people are the main reason for the hostility of the arrogant front with the Iranian people."

Enemies with Invalid Threats

It goes without saying that the hostility of the tyrants of the world to the Islamic Revolution was due to the same attitudes and orientations of the Iranian nation in the light of the Islamic Revolution.
Over the past four decades, the arrogant front was resorting to a series of measures in the military, security, cultural, economic, political and social areas to end the Islamic Revolution and collapse the Islamic Republic, but their actions did not result in any more than  strengthening of the Iranian nation. The enemies had so much pinned their hopes on the proxy wars in the region with the nature of the religious wars to hamper and destroy Iran through these wars. From the crisis center that the enemies created terrorist takfiri groups in the region and to seek ending the thought of the Islamic Revolution and resistance, the axis of resistance came out with astonishing power. ISIL's rule in the region came to an end, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, the pioneer of the resistance and the core of the true coalition of counter-terrorism, achieved an extraordinary strategic influence in the region. Arrogance front became the main loser in the region; the game of arrogance front had set up with other goals. Now ominous triumph of US, Zionist regime and Al Saud is more than ever concerned about the Islamic Revolution and the inspiration of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the process of regional developments with gaining power of the resistance and awakening of the nations.
Their grudge against the Iranian nation has increased and they are seeking new plots against the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the meantime, the leaders of the Saudi tribal government have threaten Iranian nation and girt their teeth revengefully. Like before, the Zionist regime speaks with the literature of threat against the Iranian nation. American officials from time to time speak out on the table of all options and threaten Iran.
Iran's threat to military action, explicitly or implicitly, by the United States, the Zionist regime and the Al Saud, has time and again been repeated and sometimes intensified. But here there is an undeniable fact. This fact is now being considered by all experts and theorists in military and strategic issues. The fact is that the threats of these ardent enemies of the Islamic Revolution against Iranian nation have lost their validity for various reasons and that they are invalid.The most painful issue for the White House leaders, the Zionist regime and the Saudi ruling family, is now the same being unreliable of their threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
This issue has become very painful for the United States, claiming the supreme military power in the world, and the Zionist regime as pioneer power in the West Asia region for decades.
But the main reason for the invalidation of the threats of these enemies against the Iranian nation has been the Islamic Republic of Iran's defensive power. The Islamic Republic has now become a powerful and decisive power in the West Asian strategic area.
The enemies exactly understand the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recent clamors and controversies of the West and Al Saud against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional influence and the missile power is referred to the same reality; hence they have now focused their whole efforts on limiting the regional influence and the missile power of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The main objective of the arrogance front is to validate their threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Given the strategic goal of the enemies, the result of presenting any willingness to negotiate about the regional issues and missile programs within the country is to validate the threat of an enemy against the Iranian nation. Of course, with the consciousness of the Iranian people and the strategic guidance of the Supreme Leader, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not only protect its regional power and influence, but also Iran's power will be strengthened with the strengthening of the elements of power in various areas, and the movement of the Iranian people on the path of Islamic Revolution  development will never stop. The meaning of this statement is that the threats of enemies against the nation will become the more invalid.

Source: ssweekly