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Publish Date : 29 January 2016 - 18:57  ,  
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TEHRAN, (Basirat) – An Iranian tactical reconnaissance drone as part of an ongoing naval drill codenamed Velayat-94 flew over a US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and took precise photographs of it.

Iranian Navy Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi made the announcement on Friday, adding "in this observation which took place on the third day of Velayat-94 drills, the Iranian navy drone managed to take precise photographs of the systems installed on the US aircraft carrier and sent them immediately to the exercise’ command post” According to (MNA).

The speaker for Velayat-94 naval drill went on to add that "these drones, in addition to being highly accurate and fast in identifying and scouting vessels, are also capable of destroying the intended targets in required conditions.”

"A Ghadir-class submarine successfully carried out the responsibility of identifying and photographing the coalition aircraft carrier with the shortest possible distance to the said US carrier,” he said.

Mousavi went on to explain that Ghadir-class submarine with its advanced radar detection system is capable of closing in on the intended targets in complete secrecy and successfully carry out its mission without any possibility of threat or taking any damage.

The massive-scale naval drill codenamed Velyat-94 was launched Wednesday morning and will be active until February 1 in an area limited to eastern part of Hormuz Strait, Sea of Oman, northern Indian Ocean and 10th Parallel north.

The objective of Velayat 94 war game is to demonstrate the capability and authority of Iran in maintaining security in the seas.

Iran’s Army Navy commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told reporters on Wednesday that during the first day of Velayat-94 naval drills underway in Konarak waters, Chabahar in the southeast waters in the Sea of Oman, his forces had issued warnings to a US destroyer and its accompanying flight unit to keep the safe distance from the drill zone.

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