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TEHRAN (BASIRAT):Israel basically welcomes the breakdown of each country and even seeks to provide the necessary fields for the division of countries. The breakup of any country means weakening that country and finding a comrade from that country, which ultimately benefits Israel.

Israel has repeatedly advocated a referendum on Kurdish independence. Even more than that, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would push US officials to accept the referendum on the Kurdish climate and prevent them from holding it. Why Netanyahu supports this kind of referendum?
The referendum on the Kurdish region was held yesterday, when it seems that Israel is the only foreign power to support this referendum. The climate authorities emphasized the holding of a referendum at this time because they said that now Iraq and the region are in a position to impose, the instability and weakness of the central government on the one hand, and the war on terrorism and ISIS On the other hand, there are two clear reasons why the Kurds have provided an opportunity to make the most of their use of independence.
The Iraqi Kurds have been looking for a chance for independence for many years. By Mullah Mostafa Barzani, so far, all Kurdish officials have been considering the opportunity to declare independence. It can even be said that the current officials of Kurdistan are all those who have long been dreaming of independence.
No matter what the reason is clear, Massoud Barzani insists on achieving independence. He defines independence as his ultimate goal and permits himself to use all the tools available to achieve this goal. Therefore, he does not pay attention to any internal and external warnings, and by closing his eyes to the facts and facts that exist, he is blindfolded to achive independence. To do so, Barzani has only Israel's support behind him.
Here we cannot prove that Massoud Barzani personally cooperates with the Israelis in order to bring Kurdistan's independence to an end. But on the other hand, it seems that Israel, Barzani and Kurdistan, are a good guy to play in pursuit of their goals.
In the meantime, the United States is unthinkable. Americans have repeatedly stated in their frequent contacts with Iraqi officials and from various official tribunals that they oppose the independence referendum in Kurdistan. They even say they directly contacted the authorities and announced their opposition to the Kurdish referendum. But, in fact, we do not see that the Americans have done anything to oppose the climate referendum. At least, if Americans really oppose the Kurdish referendum, they would extricate their forces out of this area. While no US troops have left Kurdistan.
Why Netanyahu supports this kind of referendum?
There are many reasons to answer this question. One answer is that Israel basically welcomes the breakdown of each country and even seeks to provide the necessary fields for the division of countries. The breakup of any country means weakening that country and finding a comrade from that country, which ultimately benefits Israel. Now, if that country is also an enemy of Israel, it will do more to parse it and attract a friend from within it.
The referendum on the Iraqi Kurdistan is precisely when the work of ISIL terrorists and other terrorist groups in the region is nearing completion. Israel cannot believe that the work of the terrorist groups has simply ended without being taken advantage of by them or by what they have not sought after terrorist activities. It has been a few weeks since Israel has raised its voice and says everywhere that Iran has stabilized its presence in Syria and filled the vacancies of terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Netanyahu even traveled to Russia to prevent Iran from joining its borders, and personally asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop Iran from taking part in Syria. He urged Russia to pressure Iran to keep its forces and its allies at least 50 kilometers away from the borders of Israel. This includes the Golan Heights, which Israel is most afraid of being threatened from the area. An area has been occupied by Israel for nearly 50 years. Netanyahu's attacks in Russia are closed. Even the UN General Assembly did not find Israeli warnings against Iran. For the first time, we saw the United Nations General Assembly united against the United States and Israel against Iran. It is precisely at the same time that the referendum of the Kurdish climate is held.
Israel hopes that by flaring the front of Kurdish, it may be able to spot the Kurds' eyes and, by intensifying the tensions and even pushing it to the stage of the war (which is now far from mind), will divert Iranian forces from its periphery. Perhaps Israel has also thought that if the fire of war did not flare up in the area, it would be so sensitive to the issue of Kurdistan that borders Iran, Turkey and Syria, which could be used as a trading letter against Iran.
We cannot say that Barzani is aware of Israel's intentions and moves on the basis of the Tel Avivian scenario. But at the same time for Barzani it is not so important that there is such a scenario, because it is important to achieve independence. However, what others think and what they are in the second place is important to him. Maybe Barzani thinks he can form active diplomacy after independence and relinquish such doubts.
Anyway, Barzani seeks independence at any cost to replace his immortal name with Kurdish history, and Israel is looking for an opportunity to repel the Iranian pressure and remove Iran's threat from its borders. Possibility to reach Iran's borders, Kurdistan can serve the interests of Israel. The Kurds may not have such an intention, but they can unwittingly fall into Israeli intentions. Future developments in the coming days will prove these scenarios more reliable. The situation is sensitive and requires high sensitivity. Certainly it cannot be fished for any action. Every action must be taken into account. This is well known to all the peripheral Kurdish countries.
Ali Mousavi


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