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Publish Date : 22 September 2018 - 09:01  ,  
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FM Zarif: Trump administration a threat to global peace

Tehran (Basirat) :Iran's Foreign Minister in a message listed the unusual measures taken by US at international level, saying [Donald] Trump administration is a threat to global peace.

FM Zarif: Trump administration a threat to global peace

'It is true that there is a real threat to our region and to international peace and security: That threat is the Trump Administration’s sense of entitlement to destabilize the world along with rogue accomplices in our region. The US must start acting like a normal state,' Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Friday night.
Following is a series of US unusual acts listed by Zarif:
- It's not 'normal' to break international agreements and commitments against the advice of even your closest allies
- It's not 'normal' to violate UN Security Council Resolution you yourself sponsored.
- It's not 'normal' to invade other countries – resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths- under false pretenses.
- It's not 'normal' to use drones to assassinate women and children – to say nothing of your citizens – in far off lands.
- It's not 'normal' to create a military prison on another country's island and seize and incarcerate hundreds of young men- sometimes for years.
- It's not 'normal' to impose harsh sanctions that harm ordinary innocent people in the name of 'standing with' them.
- It's not 'normal' to provide arms and military assistance to an allied country to facilitate its war crimes on another country, in this case KSA and Yemen.
- It's not 'normal' to decide to punish the Palestinian people because they won't surrender their land and their dignity to your ally, an apartheid regime.
- It's not 'normal' threaten to impose sanctions against the International Criminal Court and prosecute its judges if they rule against you in any case.
- It's not 'normal' to abuse the Presidency of the UN Security Council to raise extraneous issues, change your plans for the council item several times in a week, thereby confusing it with a virtual White House staff meeting while simultaneously contradicting your own permanent representative.
- It's not 'normal' for anyone to have to make a list like this, one that could go on for much longer………..

Source: IRNA