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TEHRAN (Basirat) : The leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam movement warned President Trump that the resumption of sanctions on Iran could lead to the destruction of the United States, and defended his participation in a group chant of "Death to Israel, Death to America” earlier this week in Tehran.

Louis Farrakhan: Trump War ‘Will End America’

Louis Farrakhan, 85, arrived in Iran over the weekend to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the takeover the American embassy in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
On Sunday, Farrakhan spoke at an event at the University of Tehran, denouncing the United States, saying the U.S. had "never been a democracy,” and leading a group chant of "Death to America, Death to Israel”.
During the event, Farrakhan criticized the U.S. over the decision to restore sanctions on Iran, after the U.S. dropped out of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in May. Farrakhan cited statements by Iranian leaders decrying the U.S. as the "Great Satan”.
"Is it not true that you have called America the 'Great Satan'? Well, if you believe what you say, then would not Satan be actively involved in trying to destroy a nation that is set up on the belief and practice of submission to the will of God? So we should not be surprised at what Satan does to ill affect the righteous."
At a press conference on Thursday, Farrakhan responded to questions from journalists regarding the group chant on Sunday, and warned that the U.S. would be destroyed if it went to war with the Iranian people. Farrakhan also blamed the occupying regime of Israel for "insisting” the U.S. challenge Tehran.
"If the trigger of war in the Middle East is pulled by (Donald Trump), using your surrogates at the insistence of Israel, then the war will trigger another kind of war which will bring China, Russia - all of the nations - into a war. And it bothers me to say this to you, Mr. President, but the war will end America as you know it."
The Nation of Islam leader also defended Iranian students who participated in the "Death to America, Death to Israel” chant, saying they had "a right to chant it”.
"When these Iranians chant, 'Death to America, Death to Israel' - no chant can bring about your death. But it is your policies that are eroding trust for you in the world, favor for you in the world. If you do this, you will bring - about not the Iranian chant - you will bring about the death of the greatest nation."
"I know that chant came from the people of Iran. This sanction (regime) is what is hurting the people of Iran. They have a right to chant it."
Farrakhan lashed out at the Trump administration for reimposing sanctions on Iran, saying the bans are "hurting the people of Iran,” not the Iranian government, as claimed by American officials.
"In America they said that they gave Iran billions of dollars, but they never said that they were holding over 150 billion dollars of Iranian money and they were supposed to give it back during the treaty arrangement," he added.
He also blasted Trump’s policies in the Middle East, saying the U.S. is trying to create further division among Shias and Sunnis in the region.
"President Trump … asked Saudi King Salman to call all the Sunni nations to gather in Riyadh and he would come and address them. And when Trump went to Riyadh, I saw him with pictures of new jet fighter planes, showing them to the king, and then they announced a $110 billion sale of weapons to Saudi (Arabia), the UAE - billions of dollars for weapons," he said.
"But if you listen carefully to his speech, he was making … division between Sunni and Shia, and aiming those weapons subtly toward Iran, and then openly saying to all those nations they should reject their brother Iran,” he said.
Farrakhan condemned U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to slaughter the innocent people of Yemen, saying, "What is going on in Yemen is a crime against humanity with American planes, American bombs used.”
He also called on the international community to rise up against the persecution of Muslim people whether in Yemen or in Myanmar against Rohingya.

Source: kayhan.ir/en

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