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Publish Date : 20 April 2019 - 18:41  ,  
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Who is destroying Venezuela?

TEHRAN (Basirat): US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims it is China and Russia whose financial and military interventions “have helped destroy the country”.
Who is destroying Venezuela?

Pompeo claims it is not Washington’s illegal sanctions but China that is aiding Venezuela’s economic collapse “by bankrolling President Nicolas Maduro’s government.” He also claims Russian troop presence in the country is an “obvious provocation,” and that “we shouldn’t stand for Russia escalating an already precarious situation in these ways.”

This is while under the orders of President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, John Bolton, the Pentagon regime is busily developing new military options for Venezuela for the imposition of regime change, continuing to insist that “all options are on the table.” 

It is public knowledge that everything happens for a reason, and there are plenty of reasons why Pompeo is so desperate to give the impression that Venezuela is in turmoil because of China and Russia: 

The dirty work of regime change is the bread and butter of the foreign policy establishment in Washington. Washington’s imposition of sanctions against the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro - to pressure him out of power and allow pro-US opposition leader Juan Guaido to take control - should be seen within this context. 

The same argument could be made against James Story, the US charge d’affaires for Venezuela, who has said that “this was never going to be something that was quite easy.” This kind of inflammatory rhetoric from a US diplomat is appetite for destruction. As with a lot of foreign policy cases, the “War Party’s” aggressive intervention doesn’t necessarily end in Venezuela. They seek regional turmoil.

It couldn’t be grimmer or more telling. Chinese officials are right to argue that Pompeo’s lies are “irresponsible and utterly unjustifiable.” Despite international concerns, Washington and its lackeys are as eager as ever to stoke the fires, escalate power struggle, and mobilize followers using implicit political appeals to turn Venezuela into yet another failed state. That makes them fair game for international accountability and prosecution.

By accusing others, the Americans are trying to transform the political conflict into international struggle, making the instability harder to contain. They are deliberately targeting Beijing and Moscow to distract attention from the fact that they are the reason why millions of Venezuelans have fled hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages and political crisis.

The US foreign policy establishment has created a poisonous media campaign to back the destruction of Venezuela, tearing its people apart, and portraying a cruel image of their government by alleging that “Maduro, with the help of the military, is refusing to allow humanitarian aid desperately needed into the country.” Lest they forget, on Tuesday, April 16, the first shipment of humanitarian aid from the Red Cross arrived in Venezuela.

Typical of the dated petro-political doctrine, the US-led sanctions and regime decapitation fantasies are behind the ongoing humanitarian crisis and misery. By “spreading lies and slandering China,” and by “fueling the Venezuelan crisis and blaming others,” the regime changers seek to give the impression that they were right to destabilize Venezuela with all their faults, and that their illicit campaign should continue.

Here is how to sum up the situation: The battle has not been won and still needs to be fought. Washington’s failed plan to regime change Venezuela should not be interpreted as a failed vision. Visions don't change; they are only refined and re-adjusted. The “Empire of Chaos” is still stubborn about its Venezuela vision, but flexible with its plan - "There's no timeline on a return to democracy but it is coming, of that I'm certain," says the US charge d'affaires for Venezuela.

Think of it as Washington and its foreign policy establishment look beyond the resolution of the crisis. The dark forces are admittedly making plans for the day when Venezuela is completely destroyed. For its own ends, the CIA has reportedly been given the order to supplant diplomacy, make peaceful resolution impossible and violent resolution inevitable. There can be no doubt that’s exactly what they want to achieve.

The United States and its allies need to begin with the realization that there is no audience at the United Nations for their baseless accusations against China and Russia, and for what they claim they stand for in Venezuela. The days of unalloyed American dominance and grandeur in Latin America are gone. The hegemonic state and its agents of destruction have failed to reassert dominance through sanctions and coercion in Venezuela. Retrying it again with “no timetable,” no international support, and certainly fewer supporters is unlikely to work.