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Publish Date : 10 May 2019 - 14:00  ,  
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TEHRAN (Basirat): If JCPOA commitments don’t help Iran to solve its economic problems and oil export, Iran will make harder decisions on implementation of the deal, said a member of Iranian Parliament's presiding board.


Iran to take more decisions if JCPOA doesn’t help its economy: senior MP


“JCPOA can only be implemented if it is a win-win for both sides, not a win-lose,” Ahmad Amirabadi told Mehr News Agency.

 Iran has complied with all its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but European and American sides have not uphold their obligations, he stressed.

“Western countries should know that the Iranian nation, government and Parliament will maintain unity regarding international issues, and will resist in face of enemies’ acts of bullying,” he added.

The 60 days deadline to European countries is a considerable period of time, he said, adding, it’s a long time that Iran is talking with Europe and now this is their turn to make their decision.

“Ultimately sanctions will end, and then companies and countries which have not cooperated with the Islamic Republic [during sanctions period] will not have any share of Iran’s energy,” Amirabadi warned.

Iran revealed on Wednesday countermeasures to US’ withdrawal from the nuclear deal, giving the other remaining parties to the JCPOA a 60-day ultimatum to comply with their commitments, particularly those regarding Iran’s economic interests in the banking and energy sectors, before reducing portions of its own commitments to the agreement stage by stage.

Iran has stressed that it has no intention to leave the JCPOA, and its decision on reducing commitments is still within the framework of the agreement.


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